Life is never an easy road…

Chain of Life tells the story of one man’s remarkable transformation from a place of self-hatred, isolation and addiction. From that lonely place, Rick Boyle discovered how his disabilities helped him uncover his greatest ability of all.

A heartbreaking inspirational story of redemption and self-reliance, Chain of Life is set against the backdrop of an epic bike ride through Ireland’s beautiful Connemara region. This dynamic film tells the story of Rick Boyle, a man who overcame extraordinary obstacles to become an avid long-distance bicyclist. Between learning disabilities, childhood abuse and neglect, obesity, and a four-pack-a-day cigarette habit, Boyle was able to persevere and become a mentor for young people and a teacher in his church. Chain of Life unveils Boyle’s story of transformation and shows how he has used his experiences to help others find the hope and the power to change their lives.

As a child, Rick faced the hardship of un-diagnosed, severe learning disabilities and agoraphobia. He was assumed to be stupid and lazy. He attempted suicide several times in his teens and beyond. For almost 30 years he had a hard core cigarette habit and chose to overeat as a way to try to end his life. An irresistible offer from his brother to bicycle across the United States punctuated by an encounter with God changed everything for him.

Rick tells his story with a self-guided bicycle tour in Ireland as a backdrop for the film. Rick is a rather ordinary man with extraordinary resolve to live his life with purpose.

Featuring Rick Boyle, Wini Boyle, Rick Boyle II and Gerry Hogan

2019 / 63 minutes / color / English / 16×9 / A film by David & Kathi Peters


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