An epic chronicle of the power of a dream and the triumph of human spirit.

Muhammad Ali, in a rare acting role, plays Gideon Jackson, a former slave in 1870’s Virginia who gets elected to the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C. and battles other former slaves and white sharecroppers to keep the land where they were enslaved.

The 1979 American TV historical drama starring boxer Ali and Kris Kristofferson was based on the 1944 novel by Howard Fast and directed by Jan Kadar. It was first broadcast in Oct. ’79 on NBC as a 3 hour mini-series. It was later released theatrically in 1980 as a feature. This is that 96 minute version.

The cast also includes Ron O’Neal, Edward Herrmann, John McLiam and Ossie Davis to name just a few in the large ensemble.

Freedom Road was the final film of director Jan Kadar, who died in June 1979. It had a $7 million budget and was filmed around Natchez, Mississippi because of the historic property in the area.

1979 / 96 minutes / color / English / Standard Def / A film by Jan Kadar


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