Poverty in America is probably not what you think. The “line” is the firing line where people face survival head on. 

Emmy Award-winning producer Linda Midgett shows us in this groundbreaking documentary the new face of poverty in America. About 50 million people in the United States live below the poverty line (In 2014- $23,850 for a family of 4) and one in four American children lives in poverty. But what is poverty in America? What defines “the line” and how can the church and community make a difference?

The film shares the stories of individuals who live at or below the poverty line. One is a man who lost his job at a bank and is struggling to get by in an Illinois suburb. Another woman runs a nonprofit aimed at eliminating the trauma of poverty and poverty-related violence after seeing her sister get shot and killed in Chicago’s west side.

“A groundbreaking  documentary uncovering the emerging and entrenched faces of poverty in our country” – Sustainable Traditions

“…offers an enlightening look at America through the eyes of those in the lower class who most people don’t see or understand.” – Dove Foundation

Sample questions for educational discussion groups: 

  • What stereotypes do we have about what poverty looks like?
  • Suburban poverty is outpacing urban poverty. Does this surprise you? Why?
  • What are the reasons for and implications of suburban poverty?
  • How close are many middle-class Americans to “the line” (of losing their job)?
  • What emotional and spiritual effect might needing to rely on a food bank or other charitable / government assistance have on someone who is used to being “successful”?

43 minutes on 1 disc / 2014


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