An Israeli soldier is mistaken for a Palestinian seeking refuge in West Bank.

Somewhere in the West Bank, Chaim, an Israeli soldier is injured during an accident, losing his memory as a result. When the young man is found wandering and lost by a Palestinian villager, he is mistaken for Nasim, a young Palestinian man who long ago disappeared into an Israeli prison. Nasim’s mother takes care of the newcomer, truly believing that the stranger is her son. She makes every effort to help him regain all the time lost. Her niece initially mistrusts the young man. However, she will eventually fall in love with him and the two become inseparable.

Chaim will also meet his childhood friend Samir, who is now part of a radical brigade that soon starts suspecting the newcomer.

Chaim’s identity will become so intertwined with his new Palestinian life that the moment he remembers his past, he will be forced to make a tremendous sacrifice, as his former life pushes through pain and tears.

Featuring Mohamed El Badaoui (Solei-Man), Sarah Perles (Sofia), Amal Ayouch (The Gospel of Matthew) and Abdelkader Dourkan (Only Lovers Left Alive), the 2017 drama provides a unique, human perspective of the Palestinian conflict in Israel and shows the humanity from both sides.

2017 / 78 minutes / Color / Arabic w/English subtitles / a film by Julio Soto Gurpide


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