Retro Afrika is an ongoing project comprised of digitally-remastered classic Apartheid-era films, produced by and starring native South Africans. It pays homage to Hollywood action in groundbreaking B-movie style, a precursor to today’s burgeoning Nollywood industry.

The Phase 1 grouping consists of the first three installments and is available at a 30% discount when purchased as a group.

The three films in Phase 1 can be read about in more detail using the hyperlinks provided below.

UMBANGO: In the wild west of KwaZulu-Natal, Jack and Owen, two friends accused of murder, prepare to fight back against KK, a powerful, ruthless businessman bent on revenging his dead brother.

FISHY STONES: A poorly-executed jewelry store heist finds two amateur thugs on the run from the cops.

GONE CRAZY: In this now cult romp, a psychopath seeking revenge on a small town mayor steals a mega-bomb from a local research facility, planning to blow up the dam and drown the town.


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