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Examining journeys of faith, hope, and perseverance…

The Scroll is a powerful documentary film that is transformative, educational, and inspiring. It takes some of the biggest leaders in the African American community and talks about faith, family, and finances. The Scroll is the perfect film for anyone who has ever been written off, cast down, or gone through trying times.

Some of the faith leaders featured in the documentary are: Bishop T. D. Jakes, Rev. Al Sharpton Jr., Rev. Bernice A. King, Dr. Calvin O. Butts III, Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant, Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor Floyd H. Flake, Bishop Kenneth Ulmer, Bishop Charles E. Blake, Rev. Dr. Della Reese Lett, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Pastor A.R. Bernard, and Bishop Joseph L. Garlington.

Winner: Best Documentary, North Carolina Family Film Festival

Winner: Best Documentary, Kingdonwood Film Festival

Official Selection: American Black Film Festival

“The Scroll gives viewers a personal look into the lives of some of our most revered and developed spiritual leaders. Each story is profoundly moving and deeply inspirational.” – Paul Butler / General Manager of Aspire.

“The Scroll gives you an opportunity to look beyond the lips of the prophet, into the heart, and fears, and the feet of the prophet.” – Bishop T.D. Jakes / The Potters House, Dallas, TX.

“The Scroll is one of the most powerful pieces of work I’ve ever seen.  Very often people don’t see the struggle to get to the mountain top and they don’t understand the sacrifice and the faith needed to overcome incredible obstacles.  From infidelity to racism The Scroll gives you a keen insight into the minds of some of America’s most powerful and prolific men of God.  I encourage everyone to make this film a part of their personal library to spark family discussions about the importance of achieving greatness by relying on God and your faith in Him.” – Don Dodds / Managing Partner / M16 Marketing.

80 minutes on 1 disc


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