Absolutely beautiful to watch, from its photography to its story. 

A young Irish Rector leaves behind a comfortable lifestyle to become the Bishop of the Diocese of the Arctic. His diocese is four million square km in size, 1/3 of the landmass of Canada and has 18,000 parishioners. Many issues are facing the region, like climate change and a number of social problems among the displaced indigenous Inuit community.

Rev Darren McCartney, a Church of Ireland assistant bishop, swapped his rural parish to minister to the native Inuit people in the Arctic. He and his wife Karen left Knocknamuckley Parish Church in Portadown two years ago for Iqaluit, the territorial capital of Nunavut in the northern states of Canada, which is the homeland of the Inuit.

Now, as a suffragan bishop of the Diocese of the Arctic, the minister speaks the native language and has to contend with temperatures which can fall as low as minus 50. McCartney was consecrated as bishop on June 3, 2012 in the Igloo Cathedral in Iqaluit (pictured).soul-of-the-arctic-pic-1

The story of Rev Darren McCartney’s challenging assignment is told in Soul Of The Arctic. He’s the adventure-loving churchman who needs a snowmobile to spread the word of God.

47 minutes on 1 disc / color / English


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