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Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency and ongoing style of leadership are sure to be studied for generations. This film collection consists of 4 explosive exposes about Donald Trump.

Beginning with his campaign tactics through his winning of the presidency, battle with Hillary Clinton for the nation and his unique style of verbal attacks and insults on world leaders, the collection consists of

Uncivil War: Battle for America

What really happened? How did the party of Lincoln become the party of Trump? Was the battle for the White House only the beginning?

Trump: Art of the Insult 

Is “the Real Donald Trump” a marketing genius and accomplished performance artist or….?

Trumpocalypse Now

Donald Trump, his Presidency and his administration continues to dominate the news cycle providing endless 24-hour awareness for this timely documentary.

1 Nation Under Trump 

1 Nation Under Trump was the first comprehensive feature documentary to delve into the zeitgeist of the unstoppable Donald Trump revolution, from the ground floor all the way to the pinnacle of the 2016 American political landscape.

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