Longing for connection, a Muslim immigrant woman secretly joins an acting class empowering her to unveil her true-self beyond limitations as passion and faith collide.

The Canadian produced film addresses some of the major social issues of our time including “Metoo”, immigration, gender bias and inequality; all the while touching upon conflicts arising between faith, family and community.

Farash (Sara Omran) is an immigrant who arrives at North America accompanied by her husband Saeed (Hani Mefti). They’ve moved to the United States just after the “travel ban” with hope for a new life.

As Farash tries to connect with the world around her, Saeed will try to protect her and their daughter Maryan (Aya Ramadan), hiding them from the world. The solution Farash finds is in joining an acting classes, which will help her feel empowered at the same time as she releases her true self in a crash between faith and passion. Even though Farash finds the perfect escape for her oppressive life, the love she feels for her family provides a twist and becomes a highly dramatic scenario to witness.

The winner of 28 festival awards including those below, Unmasked has garnered very strong critical acclaim along its journey…

  • Winner, Merit Award of Awareness, Awareness Film Festival
  • Winner, Award of Excellence, Canada International Film Festival
  • Winner, Best Feature film at ARFF Amsterdam
  • Winner, Jury Award for Best Feature Film, Independent Days
  • Winner, Award of Merit, Accolade Competition for Best Feature Film
  • Winner, Jury Prize for Best Screenplay, Out of The Can Film Festival
  • Winner, Festival Price for Best Feature Film, Around International Film Festival
  • Winner, Silver Award for Best Feature, California Film Awards
  • Winner, Award of Excellence, Feature Film Drama, Depth of Field International Film Festival Competition
  • Winner, Diamond Award, Best Director, Hollywood Film Competition
  • Winner, October Award for Best Actress, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards
  • Winner, Platinum Award for Best Feature Film, Mindfield Film Festival Albuquerque
  • Winner, Platinum Award, Best Actor, NYC Indie Film Awards

2017 / Drama / 120 minutes / English language / Color / 16×9 / A film by Mostafa Keshvari


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