Weaving the Past MVD8104D

THIS FILM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE THROUGH SOUNDVIEW. In-home/personal use copies are available on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1LiCdXh

“The Best Documentary Film in a Decade.” – Highlight Hollywood News

American filmmaker Walter Dominguez (Oklahoma Crude, Devils Times Five) embarks on a life-changing quest to uncover mysteries in the life of his saintly Mexican-born grandfather, Reverend Emilio Hernandez, and to fulfill his grandfather’s dying wish to locate his long lost family of origin.

Traveling through California, Texas and Mexico, Walter discovers Emilio’s involvement with courageous Mexican and American revolutionaries fighting for social justice in tragically oppressed Mexico. His search finally leads him to his grandfather’s family in Mexico, and redemption for himself.

“Dominguez weaves a rich tapestry of visuals, including archival photos and footage, family memorabilia and interviews with a vast number of his relatives, many of whom Dominguez discovers along the way, as he assembles the missing puzzle pieces of Hernandez’s youth. Chats with historians, detective-like tours throughout rural and urban Mexico, and credible if expendable dramatic reenactments complete this touching, exhaustive tribute.” – Los Angeles Times

126 minutes on 1 disc (Available 6-28-16)


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