An Inspirational Film about Art Therapy in Process, Social Work and the Power of Community.

A small group of children embark on a journey through healing when they become a part of the “You Are Not Alone” mural project; a 6×6 foot turtle-shaped sculpture developed by renowned artist Professor Marietta D’Antonio Fryer of Cheyney University.

Paul J. Boggia, Licensed Clinical Social Worker of the Main Street Counseling Center in Stroudsburg, PA, along with internationally renowned artist, Professor Marietta Dantonio-Fryer of Cheyney University, embarked on a journey of healing when they became a part of the “You Are Not Alone” turtle mural project; a 6×6 foot turtle-shaped sculpture led by Professor Dantonio-Fryer and six students from the

The remarkable “You Are Not Alone” Turtle project (Y.A.N.A. Project) uses traditional colors and symbols influenced by Native American, African, and Asian cultures. These meaningful colors and symbols depict the intense emotions of the children. Through this creative process, these children use art as a way to express their deepest feelings and emotions aiding in their recovery from their traumas.

This documentary shows the three-day project from inception to completion following the mission of the Main Street Counseling Center for the children to rediscover their self-esteem, self-efficiency, and self-love.

You will be present to experience the therapeutic process of how art and collaboration of teamwork help lead youth on their path to healing.

2019 / Color / Standard Def / English / 44 minutes / A film by Leslye Abbey (Buffalo Nation, Lakota Warrior, Join Hands)


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