When Liberty Burns

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On December 17th, 1979… after failing to stop for a traffic light, Miami police officers gave chase to Arthur Lee McDuffie, a 33-year-old African American insurance agent and former Marine. When McDuffie surrendered, he was beaten until he lost consciousness.

That beating by four police officers resulted his death.

After the officers were tried and acquitted on charges including manslaughter and evidence tampering, riots broke out in the black neighborhoods of Overtown and Liberty City on the night of May 17.

Those riots continued until May 20, resulting in 18 additional deaths.

While “When Liberty Burns” highlights the life and death of Arthur L. McDuffie, his story is simply a launching point for a far grander historical examination of the context in which the city of Miami developed during America’s Jim Crow era.

The film traces the dynamics of race relations in the city and uses this analysis as a microcosmic examination of what is happening across the nation… still… today.

By looking at the history of the friction between White and Black America in 1979 Miami through the eyes of those who were there, the viewer is provided with context toward a better understanding of today’s America, an America in which there continues to be an epidemic level of race violence.

Featured in the film are:

Frederica Watts McDuffie / Widow of the late Arthur Lee McDuffie

Forestine Reid / McDuffie Family Matriarch

Elder Shederika McDuffie Johnson / First born of Arthur Lee McDuffie

Marc McDuffie / Son of Arthur Lee McDuffie, a gospel music Minister.

Luis McDuffie / Older Brother Of Arthur L. McDuffie

Gwendolyn Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie

Perman Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie, retired City of Miami firefighter

Lonnie Lawrence / Retired Public Information Officer and Former Director of Miami-Dade County Corrections Department

Linda Saunders / Former Internal Affairs Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department

Sam Stubbs / Former Motorcycle officer, City of Miami Police Force

Marshall Frank / Former Homicide  Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department

Valeria Bland Thomas / Former Counsel for City of Miami-Dade Police Department

Floyd Jordan / Retired firefighter, City of Miami

Willie Logan / former Mayor of the City of Opa-Locka

Dr. N.D.B Connolly / author of “A World More Concrete: Real Estate and the Remaking of Jim Crow South Florida”

Dr. Marvin Dunn / Author of several books including “A History of Florida Through Black Eyes”.

Dr. Tameka Bradley Hobbs / author of “Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida”

A film by Dudley Alexis

Production Year: 2020 / 111 Minutes / Color / English / 16×9 HD / Pro Res Avail

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“Requiem for My Mother” is the story of film composer Stephen Edwards’ journey of the loss of his mother and main musical influence Rosalie Edwards. As she is suffering and dying from ovarian cancer, Stephen undertakes the most challenging commission of his life. He channels all of his anger, passion, sadness, loss and hope for the future into a new major choral work that results in his receiving an invitation to present it, to perform it, in Vatican City at a noted music festival there.

Joining him on his quest is Candace Wicke, a dynamic choir director who chooses singers from several states, then pushes them to do their best, in the hopes of making Stephen’s personal mission appealing to the masses. To add to Edwards’ and Wicke’s project is the fact that the 160-voice choir and 50-piece orchestra will be allowed only one practice and one performance for a one-time broadcast on live television.

Requiem for My Mother showcases the collaborative journey that brought the composition to life, and celebrates the power and passion of music to transform grief into healing and hope for the future.

As the story of Stephen’s life and upbringing unfolds, the challenge of writing and presenting the Requiem with an amateur chorus at one of the world’s most famous music festivals will inspire and entertain audiences worldwide. Will this group of singers and musicians be up the challenge?

Originally Broadcast Nationwide on PBS

Winner, Best Music Documentary, Woods Hole Film Festival

Official Selection, American Documentary Film Festival

“This film is really special. Highly Recommended” – Irv Slifkin, Film Critic

About Stephen Edwards

Michigan native and US and Italian citizen Stephen Edwards’ music education began at an early age, with training by his mother, Rosalie Edwards, followed by studies at Interlochen Music Camp and Lawrence University where he was recipient of the “Outstanding Classical Soloist” award sponsored by DownBeat magazine, and selected as a participant in the All-American College Orchestra National Talent Search sponsored by Disney. Mr. Edwards continued his studies at the Dick Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, and immediately started working as a session musician for film and TV composers like Mike Post.

2017 / 57 Minutes / Color / English / A film by Stephen Edwards and David Haugland


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Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems Of Mandy Kahn

“I’ll lay down my weapon first”…

Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems Of Mandy Kahn is a new documentary profiling the author and her special style of messaging.

Peace Piece is an experiential introduction to Shakespeare award-winning poet Mandy Kahn and the process behind her immersive, performative, peace-building poems.

Filmmaker Courtney Sell carefully documents both the personal and interactive aspects of Kahn’s work culminating in a public performance at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Themes include meditation, nature, and unity. A perfect blend of new age gratitude and intentions, playfulness, and poetry.

Mandy Kahn already has two books out (Glenn Gould’s Chair and Math, Heaven, Timeboth from London-based poetry press Eyewear) and her new book of the same name as the film releases May 2021 timed to the. The author’s bio can be viewed at http://cargocollective.com/mandykahn/BIO and it provides more info about her and her work. The director, Courtney Sell has some strong film credentials as well including My Dying Day (2007), and No Place Like Home (2006).

Peace Piece features notable people including best-selling spiritual author Denise Linn, art dealer Jeffrey Dietch, actress Mandy Zima (Californication) and more and it has garnered strong festival play including:

  • Official Selection – Film For Peace Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Ierapetra Awards International Documentary Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Festival Angaelica
  • Official Selection – Great Northern Film Festival

Documentary / 2019 / 75 minutes / color / A film by Courtney Sell


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Untold Story, The

If good horror reflects the deepest fears and mores of a society, then Hong Kong must have been terrified of being eaten in the 1990s.

In 1993, John Woo’s Killer/Hard Boiled stars, Danny Lee and Anthony Wong teamed up with Director Herman Yau (Shock Wave) to produce The Untold Story, one of the most notorious Cat III* films to emanate out of Hong Kong.

The story-line is loosely based on the story of The Eight Immortals Restaurant: In 1978 Hong Kong, a grisly murder takes place. Eight years later, on a Macao beach, kids discover the severed hands of a fresh victim. A squadron of coarse, happy-go-lucky cops investigate, and suspicion falls on Wong Chi Hang, the new owner of Eight Immortals Restaurant, which serves delicious pork bun.

The hands belong to the missing mother of the restaurant’s former owner; he and his family have disappeared and staff at the restaurant continue to go missing. Wong can’t produce a signed bill of sale: but there’s no evidence against him. The police arrest Wong and try to torture him into a confession. Can they make him talk? And what was in those pork buns?

Written by and starring Danny Lee (John Woo’s The Killer, City on Fire) and Anthony Wong (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, John Woo’s Hard Boiled). Anthony Wong won The Hong Kong Best Actor Award for this role in The Untold Story.

The DVD version of the film boasts some wonderful extras. Included are:

  • Category III: The Untold Story of Hong Kong Exploitation Cinema directed by Calum Waddell
  • An interview by Rick Baker
  • Commentary by Herman Yau
  • Commentary with Anthony Wong

Comedic, intense and downright unforgivable, The Untold Story is truly a masterpiece of horror cinema that once seen, can never be forgotten.

  • *Category 3 films are defined by The Hong Kong Motion Picture Rating System as: No persons younger than 18 years of age are permitted to rent, purchase, or watch this film in the cinema. Category 3 films are the equivalent of the MPAA’s NC-17.

“Of the many, many Cat III works released, probably the most infamous is Herman Yau’s “The Untold Story” from 1993. Despite its restrictive rating, it went on to be a hit at the box office and earned lead actor Anthony Wong a Best Actor nomination and his first win at the Hong Kong Film Awards, before going on its way to become a notorious cult classic.” – Asian Movie Pulse

1993 / Cult Horror / 96 minutes / Mandarin w/English subtitles / A film by Herman Yau


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A Navajo boy stoically endures hardship, hunger and the death of his family.

Nominated for two Academy Awards in 1952, NAVAJO follows a young “Indian” boy named Son of the Hunter (played by Frances Kee Teller) in his search for what “home” means to him following the death of his parents. After being shuffled into an oppressive Indian boarding school designed to assimilate him into US culture, he shakes himself free and runs into the cavernous homeland of his ancestors with representatives of his school in hot pursuit.

“Unusual, truly picturesque and convincing” – New York Times

Filmed almost entirely on reservation land (specifically in majestic Canyon de Chelly) with tenuous permission from what was then called the United States Indian Service (the agency repeatedly tried to ban production of the film), it’s equal parts character-driven plot for the main character and advertisement for the supposedly untouched natural beauty of the West.

“Memorable – stirringly beautiful”Christian Science Monitor

The film touches on a number of different issues pertinent to the experience of “Indians,” as they were called in the film (and as some refer to themselves, reclaiming the term). The 72 minute movie examines the dispossession of Native American peoples, the Indian boarding schools set up by the 1887 Dawes Act to “kill the Indian to save the man,” and environmentalism, all through Indigenous eyes. Our lens into this world is a child, meaning our dives into each of those topics never get too deep, but each leaves us with more to think about and look into in future investigations.

While the film may well show its age, it is still important to our understanding of how film (especially lower-budget indie films) can change minds and hearts and push for systemic change as well. It’s very much a piece of its time.

The cast features:

  • Francis Kee Teller
  • John Mitchell
  • Mrs. Kee Teller
  • Sammy Ogg
  • William Draper
  • Hall Bartlett

The DVD version features a wonderful selection of bonus materials including:

  • Commentary by Francis Kee Teller
  • ‘Canyon de Chelly’ Photo-essay by Deborah Lem, Diné
  • ‘The Canyon Matters” by Genny Yazzie, Diné
  • 1952 National Publicity Tour with Mr. Teller (age 8)
  • ‘Our Navajo Neighbors’ 1952 documentary
  • 2K scan from the Academy Film Archive preservation negative

1952 / 72 minutes / Docudrama / Black & White / English / A film by Norman Foster


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American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel

At what other point in our history has the line between church and state become so tangled and polarizing?

“This documentary has the potential to move hearts and minds”– Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times.

“Eye-opening” – Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times 

“…it speaks to what it means to find common ground,
to live with our differences.”-
Tyler Hammel, The Daily Progress

Every story has a birthplace, a core, a microcosm from which when expanded upon takes on a larger than life arc. In “American Heretics”, a group of deeply faithful Christians in Oklahoma are challenging firmly rooted fundamentalist Christian doctrine. Labeled as “heretics” for their beliefs and seemingly defiant interpretations of the Gospels, they are open minded to the Bible as a living document and have made incredible progress.

American Heretics challenges what we think we know about the Christian heartland by offering a rare personal glimpse into the contentious and often misunderstood history of religion, race, and politics in America, all seen through the eyes of a courageous group of Oklahomans working to bridge the divide within their community.

Directed and Produced by Emmy Award-Winning Filmmakers Jeanine Isabel Butler and Catherine Lynn Butler, American Heretics touches upon major themes in America and the definition of our nation including, but not limited to:

  • Immigration
  • Gay Rights / Gay Marriage
  • Race
  • Political Activism
  • Black History
  • Gender Bias
  • Societal Oppression
  • Religious History
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Heresy

Told with both personally emotional stories and arresting expert narration weaved throughout cinematic footage, photographs and illustrations that maintain a progressive pace, American Heretics is a politically charged tale of America that brings hotly debated subjects to the forefront of consciousness.

Consider this…

Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States with over 70% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2019. With an LGBTQ theme as a core subject in American Heretics, the subject itself is a hot button throughout the Christian community. According to the most recent Pew Research Center study of acceptance rates of homosexuality in America (2020), while 70% of Catholics believe it should be accepted, only 38% of Evangelists believe so. This divided acceptance is possibly the largest subject of division within the Christian community with
gay marriage at the center of it.

Of the top 5 issues being faced in America (according to Heritage.org) , 4 are addressed head on in American Heretics:
Conservatism vs. Progressivism
Health Care
Religious Freedom
Marriage √

Among those featured in American Heretics are Dr. Reverend Robin Meyers, Reverend Lori Walke, Dr. Bernard Brandon Scott, Reverend Bishop Carlton Pearson, Dr. Robert Jones, Nehemiah D. Frank, Reverend Marlin Lavanhar, Oklahoma State Representative Collin R. Walke (D-87) and more.

The DVD version includes two bonus segments:

  • Extended Panel Discussion / Q & A with Cast
  • Introduction of the film by Rev. Bishop Carlton Pearson

About the filmmakers:

JEANINE ISABEL BUTLER (Producer, Writer and Director):
Jeanine is an award-winning director, producer and writer. Specializing in documentaries and non- fiction entertainment, her work has been broadcast across multiple platforms, screened at film festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards, including 3 National Emmy nominations for Documenting the Face of America (PBS), The Science of HIV/AIDS (The Discovery Channel), and Africa (BBC/Discovery Channel). Butler has produced, written and directed longform documentaries for Explorer, the premier documentary series for National Geographic and crafted strategic storytelling for nonprofits and international NGOs.

CATHERINE LYNN BUTLER (Producer and Co-Writer): Catherine Lynn Butler is an Emmy award-winning documentary writer/producer with global experience developing and delivering impactful long and short form documentaries for television, museums, educational nonprofits and NGOs. Emmy Award winning docs include Journey of the Universe (PBS); The Women of Tibet (PBS); and a National Emmy nomination for Documenting the Face of America (PBS). She also produced the critically acclaimed feature-length investigative documentary The Future of Food, which enjoyed widespread theatrical and digital distribution.

2019 / Documentary / 85 Minutes / Color / 16×9 / English Language / A film by Jeanine Isabel Butler and Catherine Lynn Butler.


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Escape from Room 18

Escape from Room 18 tells one of the most unpredictable true stories of transformation in our century.

John Daly received an e-mail from someone in his long-forgotten past.

Did it mean “they found him”? Was he being set up? Or… was he being “saved”?

Daly was a high-ranking officer in one of America’s largest neo-Nazi skinhead organizations (Daytona Beach, Florida). He learned early on to turn his human emotions off and accept hatred and violence as his way of life.

They then learned he was a Jew and attempted to murder him.

A true story of redemption unlike any other, Escape from Room 18 brings the viewer on a transformative journey from within organized hate and violence to the embracing of a new life of compassion and public atonement.

After the attempted murder, John fled to Israel for safety. Years later he received an e-mail from someone from his long-forgotten past; a fellow ex-skinhead.

Apparently on a mission to change his own life and make amends for his past, he invited John to meet him in Prague to discover and see firsthand the effects of what they both had preached and practiced. Suffering from PTSD and a brain tumor, John was reluctant at first.

Was this a new, clandestine attempt on his life or was this an invitation to salvation?

In fact, Kevin’s invitation was an honest one.

Subsequently, Escape from Room 18 takes a twist that is so unpredictable, the film plays out as an unprecedented look at human transformation, redemption and salvation. It provides a glimpse into the lives of two men that serves as a profound statement for all to witness.

Featuring John Daly (as himself), Kevin Connell (as himself), Rafa Garcia (as the young John Daly), Alexander Kaminer (as Gleb Kaminer) and more, Escape from Room 18 combines both documentary and dramatic recreation in what TC JewFolk called the “Intense Reformation of a Jewish Nazi”.

An Official Selection at

  • The Moscow Jewish Film Festival
  • The Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival
  • The Odessa Jewish Film Festival
  • and The Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival

2017 / 60 Minutes / Color / English Language / A film by Daniel Brea


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15-002Originally broadcast on the Smithsonian Channel and the Aboriginal Television Network, Raven Tales brings-to-life North American Aboriginal folklore in a series of half-hour (24 min.) episodes released in two season sets.

With stunning CGI-animation, the 26 episodes were developed by Chris Kientz and produced by Calgary-based New Machine Studios in partnership with Vancouver Artist and Producer Winadzi James. The series targets school-age children and their families, bringing North American history to life; teaching while it entertains and engages.

The extensive collection tells of the adventures of Raven, the most powerful deity of North American native mythology. Each episode features an original interpretation of a popular tale from the folklore of our First Peoples and addresses important, cross-cultural and child-friendly themes like “be yourself,” “don’t judge a book by its cover,” “bullying,” “friendship,” “beauty’s on the inside” and much more. 

Raven Tales 02-003is a truly well-rounded program series for children of all ages. And… each episode corresponds to a Graphic Novel (not available through Soundview) to enhance the overall series impact and viewer experience. Additionally, Scholastic offers a Raven Tales Teachers’ Guide separately.

With a great cast of both animal and human characters, Raven Tales offers a continuity of story-line with friends that everyone can identify with… Raven, Dza, Gwai, Coyote, Seawolf and many more are all there to add dimension to each tale.

The critical response to Raven Tales has been overwhelming. Awards include, but are not limited to those below:

  • American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco/USA – Best Animated Film
  • Houston Worldfest, Houston/USA – Gold Remi
  • Montreal First Peoples Film Festival/Terres en Vue, Montreal/Canada – Creation Category, Best Picture
  • Reel to Real Children Festival, Vancouver/Canada – National Film Board of Canada Best Animated Film Award
  • Maori Film Festival/Wairoa, New Zealand – Best International Indigenous Film
  • Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe/USA – Milagro award for Best Native
  • Santa Fe Film Festival, Santa Fe/USA – Governor’s Cup for Animation
  • ImagineNative Film Festival, Toronto/USA – Best Television Production
  • Native Voices Film Festival, Rapid City/USA – Best Animated Film
  • All Roads Film Festival, Washington D.C./USA – Best Animated Film
  • Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival, Winnipeg/Canada – Best Animated Film
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York City/USA – Best Animated Film
  • Santa Fe Back by Popular Demand Festival, Santa Fe/USA – Best Animated Film
  • Newport Film Festival, Newport/USA – Kids First! Best Animated Short Film Award

“Amazing animation is bolstered by a story both funny and  poignant… highly recommended for children of all ages.”  USA Today

23-002“The most extraordinary and delightful film at this year’s Smithsonian Native Cinema Showcase is the animated Raven Tales: How Raven Stole the Sun. The results are dazzling; the animals are stunning, their forms based on the totems and renderings from Native Cultures, and the colors of their dreamscape environment are natural and fresh.”  – Crosswinds Weekly

Two Complete Seasons Available / Over 10 Hours of Great Programming:

SEASON ONE (13×24) of Raven Tales includes the multiple-award winning pilot episode, How Raven Stole the Sun. The inaugural season was completed in two production runs during 2006 and 2007 for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) and Access.

In season one, the pilot characters where rebuilt and the world expanded to include the First People (episode 02). Many new characters were introduced including the Great Spirit, Wasgo the Sea Wolf, Coyote, Mother Toad, Moowis the Snowman, Kulos, Mouse Woman and the Council of Forest Creatures. The people discover medicine in episode 10, while the great flood is featured in episodes 11 and 12. The AMPIA Award-winning Episode 13: The Rough Face Girl, is the first episode to be completed in HD.

SEASON TWO (13×24) of Raven Tales includes the Emmy-nominated episode, Baby Blues, and is comprised of two production runs during 2008/2009 for the Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN). Most significant for season two is that the production pipeline for the show was upgraded so that Raven Tales could be experienced in glorious high-definition (HD) resolution!

New characters continued to be added to the cannon, including Great Bear, Bukwas, the return of the Old Man and his Daughter from the pilot, Spider and S’gaana the Killer Whale.  

Season two also saw the introduction of tales from south of the border, including episodes inspired by the Pueblo, Navajo, Comanche and South American Aboriginal traditions.

26 x 24 minutes in total across two seasons / 2 discs per season / Color / Production years 2006 through 2009 / English language


HOW TO ORDER:srRaven-001

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LOOKING FOR THE CONSUMER RELEASE OF RAVEN TALES? Both seasons are available on Amazon! Season One https://amzn.to/2JuN8x5 / Season Two https://amzn.to/2HvMe6N

 WATCH A FREE EPISODE…”MUSICIANS OF THE SUN” at https://vimeo.com/101554383 (use pw Soup2nuts!)