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Nobody Famous

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Her name is Susan Taylor. She goes by Pie and she travels on the folk wind…

NOBODY FAMOUS is the story of Susan Taylor and The Pozo Seco Singers.

The Pozo-Seco Singers were an American folk band that experienced national commercial success during the 1960s. Comprised of Susan Taylor, Don Williams and Lofton Kline, the trio hailed out of Corpus Christi, TX, but once they signed to Columbia Records, their music went national. They are perhaps best known for their 1966 hit “Time“ but that was just one moment in their acclaimed history.

Susan Taylor was the lead singer. She is best known as Taylor Pie, but with her overly friendly, always smiling, and lighthearted humorous persona she prefers to be simply be called “Pie”.

When The Pozo-Seco Singers were signed by Columbia Records, they joined a folk force of artists that included Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Barbara Streisand and more. “I felt like I’d made it to the top of the mountain,” says Pie reflectively.

This film is really about Pie and the folk wind she’s traveled on.

Taylor “Pie” (born 1947) hailed out of Jacksonville, Texas, and is most well known as Susan Taylor, a founding member of the Pozo-Seco Singers, whose recording of Michael Merchant’s song “Time” topped the charts in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles at number one. After the group disbanded, she helped launch the country music career of fellow Pozo, Don Williams. In the 70’s she formed a group called The City Country Band with Richard Frank in New York City. Bette Midler used one of her songs, “Back in the Bars Again” in her “Clams on the Half Shell Review”.

After moving to Stockbridge, MA, Susan took the name Taylor Pie as her professional handle and wrote “Full Grown Fool” with Allen Reynolds which became a country hit for Mickey Gilley. “Just Like Angels,” penned with Dickey Lee, was nominated for a Gospel Dove Award. Tanya Tucker, The Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams, The Forester Sisters, John Connely, Terri Hendrix, Valerie Smith, The Tuttles, The Lewis Family, Cluster Pluckers and others have recorded Pie songs.

In 2015, Taylor was inducted into the National Traditional Country Music Assn Hall of Fame.

The Cast of Nobody Famous includes:

  • Taylor Pie
  • Kathryn Harrison
  • Jan Collins
  • Ron Shaw
  • Jerre Haskew
  • Ruby Lovett
  • Michael Merchant
  • Allen Reynolds

Nobody Famous on the festival circuit includes

  • WINNER: Best Music Documentary Feature, Seattle Film Festival
  • WINNER: Best Documentary, New Jersey Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Nashville Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Sweden Film Awards
  • Official Selection: Festival of Cinema NY

A few stats worth noting…

  1. “Time” #3 Easy Listening 1966
    • The 51-week charting “Time” was actually the B-Side of a 45.
  2. 8 Songs in the US Pop Charts
  3. “I Believed it All” #8 Easy Listening 1967
  4. “I Can Make it With You” #32 US Pop 1966

2020 / 69 minutes / Color and Black & White / English Language / A film by Elizabeth Ahlstrom


Hard Road of Hope

Building on a radical past, folks in West Virginia work to save their present and future from a dying coal industry, and the rise of oil and gas.

“A workhorse documentary that’s blue collar in presentation yet fiercely strong in its voice of advocacy and truth.” – Richard Propes, The Independent Critic.

Building on a radical past, folks in the hills and hollers of West Virginia seek to save their communities and ecosystems by highlighting the dangers of dying coal, the false promises of rising oil and gas, and the potential for a radical future based on a just transition and community.

The film provides insights and inspiration for how to transition from an economy based on the exploitation of land and labor, to one of mutual aid and ecological integrity and serves as a non-ideological road map for community struggles across North America while highlighting the dangers of keeping the coal industry alive, while also exposing the false promises of rising oil and gas.

“Hard Road of Hope explains the peoples’ history of the region through the voices of people who still remember…The stories in this documentary are many, and watching it unravels what should be in front of all of our eyes in all of our struggles. [Director Eleanor] Goldfield pries the viewer’s eyes open to see how the use of radical history is a tool we need in order to see where we come from so we can clearly see the now and build a just future.” – Orin Langelle co-founder Global Justice Ecology.

“Yes, yes, yes! this is a must see film for everyone, everywhere! Eleanor Goldfield has struck that sweet spot between hard facts and storytelling, weaving together a powerful and inspiring story about land and our relationship with it– something that is rarely achieved in documentary films. And, personally, nothing energizes me more to act than to have someone beautiful connect threads of historical resistance with today’s apocalyptic times. I am energized to meet folks at the intersections on the hard road to hope!” – Carla Bergman, organizer, filmmaker, author.

“So many have come to WV to tell our story- some have done so better than others. But Eleanor’s film is one of the very few that told our story in our own words; succinctly, and with a clarity and dignity that can’t be ignored. Our story is yet another in a long line of wake up calls happening around the world. Eleanor’s film sounds that alarm in a way that can’t be denied.” – Paul Corbit Brown president Keepers of the Mountains.

54 minutes / Color / English / 2020 / A film by Eleanor Goldfield


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Renaldo & The Loaf – 23rd Century Giants

Where Are You, Jay Bennett?

Scarf Face

They Survived Together

Digital Licenses Available Now. Coming to DVD and Digital on Sept. 13th, 2022.

“I had my red hat. It was like… like something that kept me safe.”– Hanka Neiger Ablin.

A WNET-NY Broadcast Premier (Dec. 2021) resulted in an Emmy Nomination. They Survived Together is a true story of endurance, unity and hope…

“Horrifying eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust eventually lead to an inspiring story of one family banding together to survive the evils of Nazism. [An] extraordinary story of strength and courage.” – Irv Slifkin, Film Critic

“They Survived Together” is the incredible, true story of the Neiger family as they desperately tried to stay alive… and together… as a family with four small children, escaping certain death at the hands of the Nazis.

When Nazi soldiers forced them from their home in Krakow and into the harsh life of the Ghetto, the elders of the family made a vow… they would somehow escape together and survive as a family.

How the family escapes is extraordinary. Their trek to freedom involved forged documents, help along the way from non-Jews who risked their lives to protect them, and a difficult journey to Hungary where they they ended up imprisoned. Ultimately, the Niegers beat the odds and became the one of the few families to survive the Holocaust intact.

  • Broadcast Premier via WNET NY (Dec. 2021) resulted in an EMMY Nomination (results coming October 2022)
  • Winner: Best Documentary Feature – Chicago Indie Film Awards
  • Winner: Best Directors – Euro Film Festival Geneva
  • Winner: Best US Documentary – International Golden Age Festival
  • Winner: Best Documentary Feature – SoCal Film Awards

2021 / 75 minutes / Color and Black & White / English / A film by John Rokosny.


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Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder

Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror

“An all-encompassing history of the cinematic sub-genre of Folk Horror, it is, to say the least, a definitive work that has already won multiple awards.” – Mark Hudson, Film Critic.

Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched explores the folk horror phenomenon and its culturally specific manifestations in international horror, from its first wave in the 1970s to today. Clocking in at a whopping 192 minutes, the film has been hailed as “stunning” (Diabolique Magazine), “brilliant” (AV Club) and “mind-blowingly epic” (Film Threat), and stands as perhaps the definitive genre documentary of our time.

From writer/director/co-producer Kier-La Janisse comes “a seductive mega-text” (Indiewire) through the history of folk horror featuring clips from over 200 films and interviews with more than 50 filmmakers, authors and scholars that explore the rural roots, occult creeds and cultural lore that continue to shape international cinema. The film presents this “astounding achievement” (Screen Anarchy) – also featuring an original score by Jim Williams (A Field in England), animation by Ashley Thorpe (Borley Rectory) and collage sequences by Guy Maddin (My Winnipeg) – that Rue Morgue calls “an unprecedented journey into where folk horror has been, where it’s going and ultimately what it says about humanity.”

Among its awards are:

  • SXSW Film Festival: Midnighters Audience Award Winner
  • Winner: Best Documentary at the Chattanooga Film Festival
  • Winner: Gold Audience Award for Best Documentary at Fantasia International Film Festival

“Janisse’s feature debut is a remarkable effort that’s on par with the thoughtful analysis she’s put into horror through other mediums. It’s a wide-ranging probe into a subgenre that offers insight for even the most studied genre academic.” — Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting

Janisse conducted over 50 interviews with filmmakers, actors/actresses and more during the production. Included, but certainly not limited to, are segments including:

  • Kevin Kölsch (Director: Pet Sematary)
  • Dennis Widmyer (Director, Editor, Writer: Starry Eyes)
  • Piers Haggard (Director: Venom)
  • Alice Lowe (Black Mirror: Bandersnatch)
  • Amanda Reyes (Tales of the Uncanny)
  • Kate Ellinger (Writer: The Birth of Hammer Horror)
  • Gail-Nina Anderson (Sleepworking)
  • Mariano Baino (Director: Dark Waters)
  • Richard Blackburn (Writer: Eating Raoul)
  • Lawrence Gordon Clark (Director: The Dick Francis Thriller: The Racing Game)
  • Mattie Do (Director: The Long Walk)
  • Ian Ogilvy (I, Claudius, Wuthering Heights)
  • Winnie Cheung (Digital Image Technician: Scare Package)
  • Chad Crawford Kinkle (Director, Writer: Jug Face)
    • The incredible list of those involved goes on…

“For those aching for the return to the frenzied energy, passionate arguments, and exuberant love of cinema that in-person film festivals casually offer, WOODLANDS DARK & DAYS BEWITCHED is a sensational substitute!” — Kristy Puchko,

Documentary / 2021 / 192 minutes / A film by Kier-La Janisse


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The Secret History Of Rock & Roll: The Howlin’ Wolf Story