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December 2021

Included reviews: Tango Shalom, When Liberty Burns, Eric Clapton-The Lady in the Balcony: Lockdown Sessions, Shakespeare: The Truth Behind the Name Munyurangabo, Sweet Thing, The Matchbox Man, Rumba Love, The Fourth Victim, Balsam: A Paranormal Investigation, Liechtenstein: How Farmers Became Bankers, Devil’s Water, Analog Love, Motian in Motion, The Hills Have Eyes, and The Rifleman.

Featured Editorial: Powell and Pressburger – The Cinema of Imagination and On the Road Again

November 2021

Included reviews: Aalto, Upper Floors, Harvey, El Hombre Búfalo, Where the Red Fern Grows, Zapas, Children of the Corn, Athens, Ga Inside Out 2: Red Turns Into Blue, Engelbert Humperdinck – Totally Amazing, Tulsa: The Fire and the Forgotten, For Charlene, Dune World, and Lucky Life.

Featured Editorial: The Format Wars and You Made Me Love You.

October 2021

Included reviews: Rose Plays Julie, Duckweed, The Wasted Times, Sicily: Land of Love and Strife, White Knight, Women Composers, I Danced for the Angel of Death: The Dr. Edith Eva Eger Story, Power and the Glory, La Condesa, The Melvins – The Colossus Of Destiny: A Melvins Tale, The Holstein Dilemma, Monster Seafood Wars and Kila – Pot Of Gold (pota Óir).

Featured Editorial: What’s (Rock) Opera, Doc?

September 2021

Included reviews: True Mothers, Chloe & Theo, Major Dundee, The Bird with the Chrystal Plumage, The Blinding of Isaac Woodard, Hot Money, Namiya, Fagara, Universality of it All, Louisa: An Amazing Adventure, The Daimajin Trilogy, Witkin and Witkin and The Longleg.

Featured Editorial: The Sound of Movies and 10 Great Concert Films on DVD.

August 2021

Included reviews: Don’t Go Gentle: A Film About Idles, Elvis: Summer of ’56, Christmas Tears, Nosferatu in Venice, Espaldas Mojadas Aka Wet Backs, Power of Moths, Road to the Lemon Grove, The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films, Horrorpops: Live at the Wiltern, Irezumi, Dolly Parton and Friends: 50 Years and the Opry, and Hothouse.

Featured Editorial: Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated (Physical Media Elasticity) and Beam Me Up, Scotty.

July 2021

Included reviews: Lapsis, The Settlers, Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog, Unmarked, Superstars: The Documentary, The Original Charvel Gang, The Columnist, Stone Time Touch, That Click, My Little Sister, Awaken (Mulat), and The Ringmaster.

Featured Editorial: Sum Sum Summertime at the Movies

June 2021

Included reviews: Requiem for my Mother, Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)?, The Prodigal Boxer, Last Request, Salvador Dali: In Search of Immortality, Beneath a Sea of Lights, El Bumbun, Muleskinner Live, The Green Promise, Her Name was Fanny Kaplan, Omerta: The Act of Silence, SHE, Puzzle, and Far Western.

Feature Editorial: Music Films – Reflections of Pop Culture

May 2021

Included reviews: Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems Of Mandy Kahn, Lady Of Guadalupe, Hiraeth, Encounter in the Air, Mayor, Falcon Rising, Center Stage, God of the Piano, The Big Beat – Fats Domino And The Birth Of Rock N Roll, Miss Scarlet & The Duke, and Krakatoa – East Of Java.

Feature Editorial: Cinematic Buccaneers

April 2021

Included reviews: From the Holocaust to Hollywood – The Robert Clary Story, Last Days, Little Annie Rooney, Knights of Newgate, Elizabeth is Missing, Stallone – Frank That Is, Inside The Mind of Agatha Christie, The Howlin’ Wolf Story, Peter Paul and Mommy Too, Queen of Hearts, Dunkirk, Ice Cold in Alex, and Underground Inc.


March 2021

Included reviews: Music Got Me Here, Journey to Royal: A WWII Rescue Mission, The Changin’ Times of Ike White , Louis Van Beethoven , The Black Emperor of Broadway, Professor Louie & The Crowmatix – Music From Hurley Mountain, Konga TNT, We’ll Rise at Dawn , Crossroads , Fulci for Fake , Perdita Durango, Nu-Blu – The Stories We Can Tell and Fanchon The Cricket.

Featured Editorial: The Future of Holocaust Education

February 2021

Included reviews: Escape from Room 18, The Illegal, The Kid’s Table: A Bridge Documentary, Mitsein, Football, The Gift to Stalin, Wild West Days, Van Gogh: Brush with Genius, Stormlapse, The Ventures: Stars with Guitars, Black Gold Rush, Aggie, Watching TV with the Red Chinese, 311 – Mardi Gras 2020, and Ali’s Comeback – The Untold Story

Featured Editorial: The Unidentified Educator

January 2021

Included reviews: Murderous Trance, Margaret Atwood: A Word After A Word After A Word Is Power, Bondage, Jane and the Lost City, Van Der Valk, Herb Alpert Is, Delta Rae: Coming Home to Carolina, Proper Binge, Flesh and Blood, The Gemini, Love in the Secret Garden, The Final Phase, Driveways, Cruising, 6 Bullets to Hell, Yawning Man, Dear Fredy

Feature Editorial: Classic, Cult or Simply Old

December 2020

Included reviews: American Heretics, Mr. Topaze, Pershing’s Paths of Glory, Boy on the Bridge, Djon Africa, Mutiny, Is Anybody Listening, Afterglow, The Audition, Mean Man, Christmas Mountain, Harry Chapin: When in Doubt Do Something, and Cobra Season One

Feature Editorial: On With the Show – Movie Musical Musings in a Post Hamiltondrop World

November 2020

Included reviews: We Are Not Princesses, Inane, Baptiste, Pilgrimage, Reigo: King of the Sea Monsters, Elina, You’re Looking at Me Like a Live Here and I Don’t, Mr. Jealousy, The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland, Waylon Jennings: The Outlaw Concert, Judy Collins and Jonas Fjeld – Winter Stories Live from the Oslo Opera House, Summer Daydream, Dale Evans – Beyond the Happy Trails, and Three Comrades.

Feature Op Ed: Home for the Hol-Indies

October 2020

Included reviews: Fahrenheit 9/11, Le Choc Du Futur (aka The Shock Of The Future), Escape from Sobibor, And Suddenly the Dawn, The Ballad of Don Lewis, When the Wind Blows, The City without Jews, Sky Dog, Street Survivors: The True Story of the Lynyrd Skynyrd Plane Crash, Seven Days in Utopia, Golda’s Balcony, The Untold Story, The Citizen, and Sophie and the Rising Sun.

Featured Op Eds: It’s All About M.E.E. and Film Studies in American Bias.

September 2020

Included reviews: The Killing Floor, Jack London and the Call of the Wild, Navajo, The Harvest, The Squad, The Blue Eyes, Alberta Hunter: My Castle’s Rockin’, Heaven, The Etruscan Smile, Rudyard Kipling: A Secret Life, Murder in the Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story, Welcome to My World, and Little Glory.

Feature Op Ed: The Cache of Camp

Indie Profile: Catherine “Cat” Zappa – Publisher / EVP of Film and Television, Dreamscape Media

August 2020

Included reviews: Chuck Berry – The Original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Seniors – A Dogumentary, Root of the Problem, Film School Africa, The Money Stone, Swans – Where Does the Body End, Five Corners, Ancient Symbols, Paulistas, Max Reload and the Nether Blasters, IRL (In Real Life), The Black Cat, and The Inner Weigh.

Featured Op Ed: Unsubscribed – How Two Philly Filmmakers Topped the June 10 Box Office.

Indie Profile: Ranny Levy, Founder, Kids First!

July 2020

Included reviews: Pizza – A Love Story, Target Philadelphia, Horse Camp, Cannabis, Crimson Sands, Sindhustan, L’innocente, James Reams – Like a Flowing River, Nosotros, Bunkar – The Last of the Varanasi Weavers, Scam Republique, Maze and Freedom Road.

Featured Op Ed: More Than A Movie – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Indie Profile: Ron Small, Anchor Media Group, The Holocaust Education Film Foundation

June 2020

Included reviews: Rembrandt’s J’Accuse, What We Don’t Say, Chuck Berry: Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Stay, Faye’s Redemption, Traditional Wild America: Duck Hunting in The Santee Delta, Attachments, The Forgotten Mountain, Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of Brian Jones, Adventure Boyz, Nothing Stays the Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub, and To the Beat! Back to School.

Featured Op Ed: To Pay or Not to Pay – The VOD Vernacular – Dan Gurlitz

Indie Profile: Arnie Holland, Lightyear Entertainment

May 2020

Included reviews: Freedom to Marry, 16 Bars, All These Flowers, Hope Ranch, Llama Llama Family Fun Collection, Even Money, Vinyl Revival, The Merger, Sprinter, Holy Boom and Advocate.

Feature Op Ed: Lights, Camera, Virus: Indie Film in the Post Covid-19 Era (S. Lyons)

April 2020

Included reviews: Wuthering Heights, What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael, Harry Nilsson’s The Point, Hope Village, Whatever May Come, Jekyll and Hyde, Beasts of Burden, Ella Bella Bingo and Sh*% The President Says.

March 2020

Included reviews: While You Live Shine, Ever After (Endzeit), Banjos Bluegrass and Squirrel Barkers, Mock & Roll, Monochrome: Black White and Blue, Cunningham, Who Will Bury the Dead? and Memory After Belsen.

February 2020 (the inaugural issue!)

Included reviews: Back to Natural, Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground, The Limits of My World, Big Fish Blues, Melody Makers, Betty: They Say I’m Different, Fury of The Demon.


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