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February 2020 (the inaugural issue!)

Included reviews: Back to Natural, Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground, The Limits of My World, Big Fish Blues, Melody Makers, Betty: They Say I’m Different, Fury of The Demon.

March 2020

Included reviews: While You Live Shine, Ever After (Endzeit), Banjos Bluegrass and Squirrel Barkers, Mock & Roll, Monochrome: Black White and Blue, Cunningham, Who Will Bury the Dead? and Memory After Belsen.

April 2020

Included reviews: Wuthering Heights, What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael, Harry Nilsson’s The Point, Hope Village, Whatever May Come, Jekyll and Hyde, Beasts of Burden, Ella Bella Bingo and Sh*% The President Says.

May 2020

Included reviews: Freedom to Marry, 16 Bars, All These Flowers, Hope Ranch, Llama Llama Family Fun Collection, Even Money, Vinyl Revival, The Merger, Sprinter, Holy Boom and Advocate.

Feature Op Ed: Lights, Camera, Virus: Indie Film in the Post Covid-19 Era (S. Lyons)

June 2020

Included reviews: Rembrandt’s J’Accuse, What We Don’t Say, Chuck Berry: Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Stay, Faye’s Redemption, Traditional Wild America: Duck Hunting in The Santee Delta, Attachments, The Forgotten Mountain, Rolling Stone: The Life and Death of Brian Jones, Adventure Boyz, Nothing Stays the Same: The Story of the Saxon Pub, and To the Beat! Back to School.

Featured Op Ed: To Pay or Not to Pay – The VOD Vernacular – Dan Gurlitz

Indie Profile: Arnie Holland, Lightyear Entertainment

July 2020

Included reviews: Pizza – A Love Story, Target Philadelphia, Horse Camp, Cannabis, Crimson Sands, Sindhustan, L’innocente, James Reams – Like a Flowing River, Nosotros, Bunkar – The Last of the Varanasi Weavers, Scam Republique, Maze and Freedom Road.

Featured Op Ed: More Than A Movie – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Indie Profile: Ron Small, Anchor Media Group, The Holocaust Education Film Foundation

August 2020

Included reviews: Chuck Berry – The Original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Seniors – A Dogumentary, Root of the Problem, Film School Africa, The Money Stone, Swans – Where Does the Body End, Five Corners, Ancient Symbols, Paulistas, Max Reload and the Nether Blasters, IRL (In Real Life), The Black Cat, and The Inner Weigh.

Featured Op Ed: Unsubscribed – How Two Philly Filmmakers Topped the June 10 Box Office.

Indie Profile: Ranny Levy, Founder, Kids First!

September 2020

Included reviews: The Killing Floor, Jack London and the Call of the Wild, Navajo, The Harvest, The Squad, The Blue Eyes, Alberta Hunter: My Castle’s Rockin’, Heaven, The Etruscan Smile, Rudyard Kipling: A Secret Life, Murder in the Front Row: The San Francisco Bay Area Thrash Metal Story, Welcome to My World, and Little Glory.

Feature Op Ed: The Cache of Camp

Indie Profile: Catherine “Cat” Zappa – Publisher / EVP of Film and Television, Dreamscape Media


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