Bell Affair, The

About to be separated, they are forced to make a terrifying choice.

Daniel and Mary sued for freedom and won. But the widow of their former slaveholder challenged the Bells’ freedom in court. Threatened with re-enslavement, and the sale of their children, they led the largest escape attempt in US history.

The Bell Affair is a uniquely produced animated drama that tells the lesser-known stories of slaves who sued for their freedom prior to the Civil War.

“The delicate artistry of lead VFX artist and supervising producer Michael Burton (’07) brings to life the artistic expression rotoscoped in broad swaths of remarkable beauty. Burton’s skilled live animation adds a visceral quality to The Bell Affair that makes the emotions of our characters dynamic as we witness them navigate through the uncertainty of their day-to-day lives.” – Nebraska Alumni Association.

“The searing story of the enslaved Bell family’s fight for freedom.” – WYPR. All Things Considered.

“Bell organized the largest attempted slave escape in history with 77 people, including four of Bell’s children, on a schooner called “The Pearl.” Unfortunately, they would be captured with most of them eventually sold to slave owners in Vicksburg, Mississippi.” – The Washington Informer.

  • Honorable Mention – 2022 Silk Road Film Awards Cannes
  • Official Selection – 2022 Prince George’s Film Festival
  • Official Selection – 2022 Golden State Film Festival


  • Anthony Wilcox as Daniel Bell
  • Myeisha Essex as Mary Bell
  • Deborah Madick as Susan Armistead
  • Arista Jackson as Ann Bell
  • Darla Davenport as Lucy Bell

2021 / Drama / English / 82 minutes / A film by Kwakiutl Dreher.


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Miss Lillian: More Than A President’s Mother

All Wigged Out: The Musical

GRAMMY Award winning virtuoso meets the biggest health challenge of her life (Breast Cancer), and proceeds with comedy and wit, and comes out singing.

Marcy Marxer is a GRAMMY® winning singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who takes us on her expedition through Breast Cancer and neuropathy caused by Chemotherapy, tempered by her wacky sense of humor and ability to make the personal universal. Her musical and life partner, Cathy Fink is Marcy’s advocate in the doctors’ offices, her number one fan and bandleader in the show with Stacy McMichael on bass and Janet Cramer on drums. Cathy also plays the mammogram technician, Cindy at the Wig Shop and Marcy’s mother.

WINNER BEST HEALTH FILM: Cannes World Film Festival

WINNER, BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: Chicago Cinema Awards, Stanley Film Awards, Sweet Democracy Film Awards, London Movie Awards, 8 & Halfilm Awards, IndieFEST Film Awards, Docs Without Borders, WRPN Women’s International Film Festival, World Cinema Awards.


The heartwarming musical comedy takes us through Marcy’s many stages of diagnosis and discovery with hope, grace and unique style. From comparing her cancer journey to being dragged through a car wash while playing the musical washboard, to dealing with everyone’s “Unsolicited Advice” to showing the ridiculous “My Chemo Bag” given to her at the hospital, Marcy sticks to the truth while finding humor in many moments. Why is there a lint roller in that bag? Cindy at the Wig Shop put Marcy at ease in the transition to baldness, and also at times told more truth than the doctors who soft-pedaled potential side effects to treatment.

“Laughter and tears I didn’t know I needed.” – Lillian Werbin, CEO Elderly Instruments, Daughter of Breast Cancer

The ten songs span multiple styles of music showcasing Marcy’s talents on the ukulele, mandolin and electric guitar through swing, punk, rock, jazz, Gospel and old-time country.

Marcy triumphs over adversity while celebrating forty years together with the love of her life and musical partner, Cathy, ending with a perfect duet, “Two Peas In A Pod.”

The American Cancer Society has indicated that by the year 2030, 1 in 2 people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. Sooner or later all of us will be caregivers, patients, loved ones in someone’s cancer circle.

ALL WIGGED OUT helps us navigate this maze while showcasing the power of hope, the power of love and the power of advocacy.

GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award winner Tom Paxton called All Wigged Out “Hilarious and deeply moving”.

For medical professionals who work with cancer patients, this film is a tool for developing empathy and understanding cancer from the patient’s point of view.

BONUS Material on the DVD version includes

  • Reel of home movies made during Marcy’s cancer treatment including the onion juice remedy.
  • Interview with Marcy Marxer.

Musical / 2021 / 58 minutes / color / A film by Tracy Walsh


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Pilgrimage: The Voyages Of Fernao Mendes Pinto

ruth weiss: One More Step West Is The Sea


Voodoo Macbeth

Based on the true story of Orson Welles, Rose McClendon and their revolutionary Shakespeare production!

Produced by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts in association with Warner Bros., this 14x Festival Winner tells the dramatic story of when, in 1936, Broadway star Rose McClendon and producer John Houseman convinced a gifted but untested 20-year-old Orson Welles to direct Shakespeare’s Macbeth with an all-Black cast in Harlem.

Set in Haiti, the production first earned the nickname “Haitian Vodou” fulfilling the element of witchcraft contained in the Shakespeare original. It later became more famously known as “Voodoo Macbeth”.

A box office sensation, the production, which toured the nation, was regarded as a landmark theatrical event for its innovative interpretation of the play, its success in promoting African-American theater, and its role in the development of Orson Welles as a new and powerful theatrical force.

It was before Citizen Kane and before War of the Worlds. It was dynamic and included Orson and Rose – who also played Lady Macbeth – clashing over everything from scene blocking to crew hires, while Houseman contended with a congressman hell-bent on shutting down what he deemed to be communist propaganda. In the end, Welles and McClendon overcame the political pressure, personal demons, and protests to realize their groundbreaking vision.

This 2021 film / 2022 theatrical release tells the story how Voodoo Macbeth was conceived and developed. Its dramatic and theatrical style is due, at least in part, to the extensive collaboration that went into the production itself. The large cast, numerous directors, multiple producers and the USC/Warner Bros. relationship results not only in incredible storytelling, but also in a new and exciting style of production itself.

The Volume of Festival Wins to Date Speak Loudly. Here are a few…


  • Best Film – Harlem International Film Festival
  • Best Production – Harlem International Film Festival
  • Best Actress – Harlem International Film Festival
  • Best Film – Vail Film Festival
  • Best Director, Charlotte Black Film Festival
  • Best Ensemble Cast – San Diego International Film Festival
  • Director’s Choice Award / Independent Spirit Award – Sedona International Film Festival
  • Best Director – Catalina Film Festival
  • Best U.S. Feature – Catalina Film Festival
  • Best Actress – Catalina Film Festival
  • Best Actor – Catalina Film Festival

“A moving tribute to an indelible slice of history, that is finally being shared and celebrated! One of Orson Welles’ most pivotal moments, right before Citizen Kane, brought beautifully to life. This story was hidden for far too long, along with Rose McClendon’s wonderful legacy. Some say better late than never, but this story should be shouted from the rooftops, uncovering one of America’s hidden jewels, that was always meant to shine!” – Suzanne Marques, CBS Los Angeles.

“Impressive…the film’s production is itself a collaborative effort in the spirit of the Harlem theatre…”– J. Paul Johnson, 25 Years Later.

“This retelling of a very innovative part of theater and African American history is precious.” – Dwight Brown, National Newspaper Publishers Association.

“A fantastic example of team unity as there is never a sense of multiple voices trying to steer this project…with solid production design up and down the line and never a sense of doubt in the story that it is trying to capture.” – Dave Voigt, In The Seats.

“By all odds, my great success in my life was that play, because the opening night there were five blocks in which all traffic was stopped. You couldn’t get near the theatre in Harlem. Everybody who was anybody in the black or white world was there. And when the play ended there were so many curtain calls that finally they left the curtain open, and the audience came up on the stage to congratulate the actors. And that was magical.” – Orson Welles (1982 interview)


  • Audio Commentary
  • Actual 1936 footage from National Archives of the play that toured the country to interracial audiences.

2021 / Drama / 108 minutes / Color / English Language / A film directed by Agazi Desta, Sabina Vajrača, Hannah Bang, Christopher Beaton, Dagmawi Abebe, Victor Alonso-Berbel, Tiffany K. Guillen, Zoë Salnave, Ernesto Sandoval, Roy Arwas, and produced by Xiaoyuan Xiao, Miles Alva , Jason Phillips, John Watson.


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Samira’s Dream

Renaldo & The Loaf – 23rd Century Giants

They Survived Together