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Even if you reclaim your story, can justice be won?

One day, Soumaya – a woman of color, a practicing Muslim, a mother, and an executive at an airport transportation company in Paris – is fired from her job of fourteen years without explanation or warning. Later that night, while watching TV, she learns that certain media outlets are linking her, through speculation, to jihadist circles. This all occurs only days after Soumaya’s apartment, where she lives with her young daughter, is raided by police.

Shaken but not about to sit by in silence, Soumaya decides to exercise her right of reply in court – where her legal team demonstrates that she was fired only as a result of discrimination.

Based on real events, SOUMAYA shines a light on the devastating repercussions of anti-terrorist policing and Islamophobia in the wake of the November 2015 Paris attacks.

A MULTI-AWARD-WINNING FESTIVAL FAVORITE, Soumaya has received wide critical acclaim. Festival play includes:

  • WINNER, Best Lead Actress, Anatolia International Film Festival (Istanbul)
  • WINNER, Best Actress, Festival International Cinéma et Migrations d’Agadir (Morocco)
  • WINNER, Best Actress, Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival
  • WINNER, Grand Jury Prize, Best Feature, Universe Multicultural Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Lebanese Independent Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Cinemigrante (Argentina)
  • Official Selection: Festival International du Film Panafricain de Cannes
  • Official Selection: Festival Régional et International du Cinéma de Guadeloupe
  • Official Selection: San Diego Arab Film Festival
  • Official Selection: DC Independent Film Festival
  • Official Selection: Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival

“An unprecedented look at the state of emergency in France from the viewpoint of the victims, whose experience often goes unacknowledged.” — Middle East Eye

Features Soraya Hachoumi, Sarah Perriez and Khalid Berkouz.

2019 / 100 minutes / Foreign Drama (French w/English subtitles) / A film by Waheed Khan and Ubaydah Abu-Usayd


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Minnesota! The Modern Day Selma

Back To Sölöz

When Liberty Burns

As broadcast on WLRN-Miami.

On December 17th, 1979… after failing to stop for a traffic light, Miami police officers gave chase to Arthur Lee McDuffie, a 33-year-old African American insurance agent and former Marine. When McDuffie surrendered, he was beaten until he lost consciousness.

That beating by four police officers resulted in his death.

After the officers were tried and acquitted on charges including manslaughter and evidence tampering, riots broke out in the black neighborhoods of Overtown and Liberty City on the night of May 17.

Those riots continued until May 20, resulting in 18 additional deaths.

While “When Liberty Burns” highlights the life and death of Arthur L. McDuffie, his story is simply a launching point for a far grander historical examination of the context in which the city of Miami developed during America’s Jim Crow era.

The film traces the dynamics of race relations in the city and uses this analysis as a microcosmic examination of what is happening across the nation… still… today.

By looking at the history of the friction between White and Black America in 1979 Miami through the eyes of those who were there, the viewer is provided with context toward a better understanding of today’s America, an America in which there continues to be an epidemic level of race violence.

Featured in the film are:

  • Frederica Watts McDuffie / Widow of the late Arthur Lee McDuffie
  • Forestine Reid / McDuffie Family Matriarch
  • Elder Shederika McDuffie Johnson / First born of Arthur Lee McDuffie
  • Marc McDuffie / Son of Arthur Lee McDuffie, a gospel music Minister.
  • Luis McDuffie / Older Brother Of Arthur L. McDuffie
  • Gwendolyn Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie
  • Perman Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie, retired City of Miami firefighter
  • Lonnie Lawrence / Retired Public Information Officer and Former Director of Miami-Dade County Corrections Department
  • Linda Saunders / Former Internal Affairs Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Sam Stubbs / Former Motorcycle officer, City of Miami Police Force
  • Marshall Frank / Former Homicide  Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Valeria Bland Thomas / Former Counsel for City of Miami-Dade Police Department
  • Floyd Jordan / Retired firefighter, City of Miami
  • Willie Logan / former Mayor of the City of Opa-Locka
  • Dr. N.D.B Connolly / author of “A World More Concrete: Real Estate and the Remaking of Jim Crow South Florida”
  • Dr. Marvin Dunn / Author of several books including “A History of Florida Through Black Eyes”.
  • Dr. Tameka Bradley Hobbs / author of “Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida”
  • WINNER: Knight Feature Film Award, Miami Film Festival (2020)
  • NOMINATED: Knight Documentary Achievement Award, Best Documentary, Miami Film Festival (2020)

Production Year: 2020 / 111 Minutes / Color / English / 16×9 HD / A film by Dudley Alexis


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