When Liberty Burns

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On December 17th, 1979… after failing to stop for a traffic light, Miami police officers gave chase to Arthur Lee McDuffie, a 33-year-old African American insurance agent and former Marine. When McDuffie surrendered, he was beaten until he lost consciousness.

That beating by four police officers resulted his death.

After the officers were tried and acquitted on charges including manslaughter and evidence tampering, riots broke out in the black neighborhoods of Overtown and Liberty City on the night of May 17.

Those riots continued until May 20, resulting in 18 additional deaths.

While “When Liberty Burns” highlights the life and death of Arthur L. McDuffie, his story is simply a launching point for a far grander historical examination of the context in which the city of Miami developed during America’s Jim Crow era.

The film traces the dynamics of race relations in the city and uses this analysis as a microcosmic examination of what is happening across the nation… still… today.

By looking at the history of the friction between White and Black America in 1979 Miami through the eyes of those who were there, the viewer is provided with context toward a better understanding of today’s America, an America in which there continues to be an epidemic level of race violence.

Featured in the film are:

Frederica Watts McDuffie / Widow of the late Arthur Lee McDuffie

Forestine Reid / McDuffie Family Matriarch

Elder Shederika McDuffie Johnson / First born of Arthur Lee McDuffie

Marc McDuffie / Son of Arthur Lee McDuffie, a gospel music Minister.

Luis McDuffie / Older Brother Of Arthur L. McDuffie

Gwendolyn Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie

Perman Anderson / Childhood friend of Arthur Lee McDuffie, retired City of Miami firefighter

Lonnie Lawrence / Retired Public Information Officer and Former Director of Miami-Dade County Corrections Department

Linda Saunders / Former Internal Affairs Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department

Sam Stubbs / Former Motorcycle officer, City of Miami Police Force

Marshall Frank / Former Homicide  Investigator, Miami-Dade Police Department

Valeria Bland Thomas / Former Counsel for City of Miami-Dade Police Department

Floyd Jordan / Retired firefighter, City of Miami

Willie Logan / former Mayor of the City of Opa-Locka

Dr. N.D.B Connolly / author of “A World More Concrete: Real Estate and the Remaking of Jim Crow South Florida”

Dr. Marvin Dunn / Author of several books including “A History of Florida Through Black Eyes”.

Dr. Tameka Bradley Hobbs / author of “Democracy Abroad, Lynching at Home: Racial Violence in Florida”

A film by Dudley Alexis

Production Year: 2020 / 111 Minutes / Color / English / 16×9 HD / Pro Res Avail

When Liberty Burns Trailer from Epyllion Studios on Vimeo.

The Settlers

Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems Of Mandy Kahn

“I’ll lay down my weapon first”…

Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems Of Mandy Kahn is a new documentary profiling the author and her special style of messaging.

Peace Piece is an experiential introduction to Shakespeare award-winning poet Mandy Kahn and the process behind her immersive, performative, peace-building poems.

Filmmaker Courtney Sell carefully documents both the personal and interactive aspects of Kahn’s work culminating in a public performance at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Themes include meditation, nature, and unity. A perfect blend of new age gratitude and intentions, playfulness, and poetry.

Mandy Kahn already has two books out (Glenn Gould’s Chair and Math, Heaven, Timeboth from London-based poetry press Eyewear) and her new book of the same name as the film releases May 2021 timed to the. The author’s bio can be viewed at http://cargocollective.com/mandykahn/BIO and it provides more info about her and her work. The director, Courtney Sell has some strong film credentials as well including My Dying Day (2007), and No Place Like Home (2006).

Peace Piece features notable people including best-selling spiritual author Denise Linn, art dealer Jeffrey Dietch, actress Mandy Zima (Californication) and more and it has garnered strong festival play including:

  • Official Selection – Film For Peace Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Ierapetra Awards International Documentary Film Festival
  • Official Selection – Festival Angaelica
  • Official Selection – Great Northern Film Festival

Documentary / 2019 / 75 minutes / color / A film by Courtney Sell


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