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I Danced for the Angel of Death


Starring Paige Davis (Trading Spaces, The Unicorn) in a most unique role, and written by David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly), Bondage is, in short, a seriously comical discourse in an unlikely location.

Davis plays the role of Tiffany Walker, a fantasy service provider challenged by her inner sense of self. Her client is Mark Wong, played by Ryun Yu (The Mikado Project, The Last Tour). An amusing, extraordinarily insightful conversation between client and service provider takes place in admittedly a most unlikely location; a location where what one would expect turns out to be quite the opposite than the anticipated. The result: A challenge to the nature of existence and the essence of love.

The unlikely location is, of course Tiffany’s fantasy dungeon, where anything is possible, disguises are mandatory, and everything is unexpected. The discourse is comical and simultaneously serious. And the Tiffany <-> Mark relationship is one to be observed for sure. In this case, observed by Noir, a jet black cat played by Mr. Slim.

Of note: the film contains NO nudity. It is but another example of the unexpected nature of the production.

The critical response has been extraordinarily broad and the film’s festival run extensive.

  • Berlin Short Film Festival Winner, Best Screenplay (with David Henry Hwang)
  • Honolulu International Film Festival, Golden Kahuna Award
  • Filmmakers International Film Awards Jakarta,Winner – Best Newcomer Esquire Jauchem, Silver award – Short Film, Silver award – Director, Silver award – Ensemble cast
  • Oregon Film Festival, Silver Award Short Film
  • International Movie Awards, Jakarta, Indonesia , Gold Award (2nd place)
  • Best Shorts Competition, Award of Merit, Film Short , Award of Merit, Paige Davis Leading Actress
  • Accolade Global Film Competition, Award of Merit, Asian American, Award of Merit, Ryun Yu, Leading Actor

Official Selection:

  • International Short Film Fest Shrinigar, Kashmir   World Public Premiere
  • Miami Independent Film Festival
  • Access Code Short Film Festival
  • Lake Charles Film & Music Festival 
  • Orlando Urban Film Festival   American Public Premiere
  • Blow Up – Chicago International Short Film Festival
  • Indie Film Festival, Switzerland
  • Garden City International Film Festival, Bangalore, India
  • Los Angeles Cinefest
  • Broken Knuckle Film Festival
  • Strange Film Awards
  • Underground FIlmFest
  • Atlas Awards, Boston
  • Korean Expat Film Festival

“… the author of M. BUTTERFLY proves to be a wry observer of contemporary mores.” – New York Times

“BONDAGE is an intriguing piece of writing by one of the most intelligent and original new voices” – Detroit News

About the director… ESQUIRE JAUCHEM

For the past forty years, Esquire Jauchem has had an extremely varied career in the performing arts.  Founder of the Boston Repertory Theater, Associate Director (with Sarah Caldwell) of the Opera Company of Boston, and founder of Broadway’s Jauchem & Meeh Special effects company, his work has been seen across the United States and around the world.  

Esquire has worked as a Producer, Writer, Director, and Designer (lighting, sets, and costumes) in a variety of performance arts including The Big Apple Circus, the Bolshoi Opera and Ballet, the Ballet Trockadero, a casino magic show, and produced over 1,000 episodes of network and cable television.  He has been nominated for three Emmys. 

BONDAGE is his first motion picture and it has won numerous awards around the world including Best Screenplay in Berlin.

47 minutes / 2015 / Color / 16×9 / English Language / A film by Esquire Jauchem


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American Heretics: The Politics of the Gospel

At what other point in our history has the line between church and state become so tangled and polarizing?

“This documentary has the potential to move hearts and minds”– Kimber Myers, Los Angeles Times.

“Eye-opening” – Ben Kenigsberg, The New York Times 

“…it speaks to what it means to find common ground,
to live with our differences.”-
Tyler Hammel, The Daily Progress

Every story has a birthplace, a core, a microcosm from which when expanded upon takes on a larger than life arc. In “American Heretics”, a group of deeply faithful Christians in Oklahoma are challenging firmly rooted fundamentalist Christian doctrine. Labeled as “heretics” for their beliefs and seemingly defiant interpretations of the Gospels, they are open minded to the Bible as a living document and have made incredible progress.

American Heretics challenges what we think we know about the Christian heartland by offering a rare personal glimpse into the contentious and often misunderstood history of religion, race, and politics in America, all seen through the eyes of a courageous group of Oklahomans working to bridge the divide within their community.

Directed and Produced by Emmy Award-Winning Filmmakers Jeanine Isabel Butler and Catherine Lynn Butler, American Heretics touches upon major themes in America and the definition of our nation including, but not limited to:

  • Immigration
  • Gay Rights / Gay Marriage
  • Race
  • Political Activism
  • Black History
  • Gender Bias
  • Societal Oppression
  • Religious History
  • Sanctuary Cities
  • Heresy

Told with both personally emotional stories and arresting expert narration weaved throughout cinematic footage, photographs and illustrations that maintain a progressive pace, American Heretics is a politically charged tale of America that brings hotly debated subjects to the forefront of consciousness.

Consider this…

Christianity is the most adhered to religion in the United States with over 70% of polled American adults identifying themselves as Christian in 2019. With an LGBTQ theme as a core subject in American Heretics, the subject itself is a hot button throughout the Christian community. According to the most recent Pew Research Center study of acceptance rates of homosexuality in America (2020), while 70% of Catholics believe it should be accepted, only 38% of Evangelists believe so. This divided acceptance is possibly the largest subject of division within the Christian community with
gay marriage at the center of it.

Of the top 5 issues being faced in America (according to , 4 are addressed head on in American Heretics:
Conservatism vs. Progressivism
Health Care
Religious Freedom
Marriage √

Among those featured in American Heretics are Dr. Reverend Robin Meyers, Reverend Lori Walke, Dr. Bernard Brandon Scott, Reverend Bishop Carlton Pearson, Dr. Robert Jones, Nehemiah D. Frank, Reverend Marlin Lavanhar, Oklahoma State Representative Collin R. Walke (D-87) and more.

The DVD version includes two bonus segments:

  • Extended Panel Discussion / Q & A with Cast
  • Introduction of the film by Rev. Bishop Carlton Pearson

About the filmmakers:

JEANINE ISABEL BUTLER (Producer, Writer and Director):
Jeanine is an award-winning director, producer and writer. Specializing in documentaries and non- fiction entertainment, her work has been broadcast across multiple platforms, screened at film festivals worldwide and garnered numerous awards, including 3 National Emmy nominations for Documenting the Face of America (PBS), The Science of HIV/AIDS (The Discovery Channel), and Africa (BBC/Discovery Channel). Butler has produced, written and directed longform documentaries for Explorer, the premier documentary series for National Geographic and crafted strategic storytelling for nonprofits and international NGOs.

CATHERINE LYNN BUTLER (Producer and Co-Writer): Catherine Lynn Butler is an Emmy award-winning documentary writer/producer with global experience developing and delivering impactful long and short form documentaries for television, museums, educational nonprofits and NGOs. Emmy Award winning docs include Journey of the Universe (PBS); The Women of Tibet (PBS); and a National Emmy nomination for Documenting the Face of America (PBS). She also produced the critically acclaimed feature-length investigative documentary The Future of Food, which enjoyed widespread theatrical and digital distribution.

2019 / Documentary / 85 Minutes / Color / 16×9 / English Language / A film by Jeanine Isabel Butler and Catherine Lynn Butler.


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We Are Not Princesses

The Syrian refugee crisis is not the fallout of the inevitable violence of war, but an intended outcome of a deliberate strategy by the Assad regime to shift responsibility for his citizens to the rest of the world. Those who have fled the violence are not opportunists seeking handouts and social services in the West, but part of a massive humanitarian crisis that is the tool of a political agenda.

In “We Are Not Princesses”, Antigone, the ancient Greek heroine, ignites the spirits of 4 Syrian women living as refugees in Beirut.

In this world-wide, critically acclaimed feature documentary, Feminine wisdom, passed through the ages, connects the inner lives of a group of women providing them with a sense of belonging.  Through intimate verite footage, the film illustrates that which is invisible to the eye: The thoughts, memories and dreams of these mothers, sisters and wives as they grapple daily with past traumas and future uncertainty.

The women featured in “We Are Not Princesses” are living as refugees in Beirut. Four women are highlighted in the film, but others wanted to tell their stories. Their families would not allow them. Creative production animation was used to permit the denied to participate without revealing their identities.

The four featured women are:

Fedwa, 60, is the mother-figure of the group. Despite having lost two sons in two years, she remains determined to hold her family together. Paradoxically, she identifies with Sophocles’ flawed leader, Creon, because of his obstinacy and desire to keep order at all costs.

Heba, 27, Fedwa’s daughter, has, like Antigone, gone through the pain of losing both of her brothers, one of whom she never had the chance to bury as he was shot by a sniper coming out of a Damascus mosque.

Isra’a, 22, believes she is Antigone through and through. She is vocal about how the war has offered an opportunity to liberate Syrian women. She sings a rap of her story of fleeing Yarmouk camp, along with thousands of others, while wearing 4-inch high heels.  Isra’a is self-confident and the other women admire her for it.

Mona, 30, when her son was dying was unable to get him to the hospital in time because of shelling. Now in Beirut, Mona is racked with guilt. Mona is the narrator leading the viewer through the film with her poetic reflections on life in the camps and on Antigone.  Her reflections speak to the universal truths of the film, such as choice and how to regain a sense of self when all that you’ve known has been ripped away.

The film brings forth a unique structure. Built around the development of a theater workshop and the rehearsals for the performance, the structural foundation of the film, “We Are Not Princesses” is not an observational documentary about the putting on of a play. Instead, the film explores how these newfound tools of expression taught in the workshop play out in the lives of the women outside of the rehearsal  and performance space.

The personal experiences and stories of the actresses, as well as their reaction to the play itself, are woven into the structure of the overall experience. Following the four women, we explore the theater space, the domestic space, and the public space of Beirut through an intimate narrative guided by the women’s voices.


Bridgette Auger (Co-Director/DP/Producer): Bridgette is an artist and filmmaker strongly committed to using art for social change. She has lived and worked in the Middle East for over 12 years, covering the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya as well as the refugee crisis as a result of the war in Syria. Bridgette sought out intimate stories to raise complex questions about sensitive issues. Her credits include The Guardian, New York Times, Die Zeit and the short film “This Is Not Me هاد مو أنا: Enduring Syria’s War”. Bridgette holds a degree in Photography and Imaging from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and a Masters degree in Social documentation from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Itab Azzam (Co-Director/DP): Itab is a London-based Syrian filmmaker. She won a BAFTA in 2017 for her work producing the BBC Two series Exodus: Our Journey to Europe, and is also a winner of a British Broadcast award and a Liberty Human Rights award. Itab has extensive television experience including the BBC’s Syrian School; the series East West; and Bizarre Foods: Syria for the Travel Channel. She co-founded Sabbara, a Syrian social enterprise empowering women through economic employment and psychological support, and also co-founded the Open Art Foundation, an arts charity that works with marginalised communities around the world.

2018 / 74 Minutes / Color / 16×9 / Arabic with English Sub-titles / A film by Bridgette Auger and Itab Azzam


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WANP_Trailer from sara maamouri on Vimeo.


Escape from Room 18

DVD w/PPR avail mid-February 2021. DSL’s available now.

Escape from Room 18 tells one of the most unpredictable true stories of transformation in our century.

John Daly received an e-mail from someone in his long-forgotten past.

Did it mean “they found him”? Was he being set up? Or… was he being “saved”?

Daly was a high-ranking officer in one of America’s largest neo-Nazi skinhead organizations (Daytona Beach, Florida). He learned early on to turn his human emotions off and accept hatred and violence as his way of life.

They then learned he was a Jew and attempted to murder him.

A true story of redemption unlike any other, Escape from Room 18 brings the viewer on a transformative journey from within organized hate and violence to the embracing of a new life of compassion and public atonement.

After the attempted murder, John fled to Israel for safety. Years later he received an e-mail from someone from his long-forgotten past; a fellow ex-skinhead.

Apparently on a mission to change his own life and make amends for his past, he invited John to meet him in Prague to discover and see firsthand the effects of what they both had preached and practiced. Suffering from PTSD and a brain tumor, John was reluctant at first.

Was this a new, clandestine attempt on his life or was this an invitation to salvation?

In fact, Kevin’s invitation was an honest one.

Subsequently, Escape from Room 18 takes a twist that is so unpredictable, the film plays out as an unprecedented look at human transformation, redemption and salvation. It provides a glimpse into the lives of two men that serves as a profound statement for all to witness.

Featuring John Daly (as himself), Kevin Connell (as himself), Rafa Garcia (as the young John Daly), Alexander Kaminer (as Gleb Kaminer) and more, Escape from Room 18 combines both documentary and dramatic recreation in what TC JewFolk called the “Intense Reformation of a Jewish Nazi”.

An Official Selection at

  • The Moscow Jewish Film Festival
  • The Twin Cities Jewish Film Festival
  • The Odessa Jewish Film Festival
  • and The Ekaterinburg Jewish Film Festival

2017 / 60 Minutes / Color / English Language / A film by Daniel Brea


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Hope Village

There are many things one can deal in. The best of them is HOPE!

Lucy Hall has helped 10,000 people. 10,000 more are at her door!

“Through raw storytelling with an honest lens, this important film illustrates what it takes to survive addiction, one woman at a time.” – Authority Magazine

Lucy is the Hope Dealer and the Founder / CEO of Mary Hall Freedom House. As the youngest of seven siblings, Lucy came from a family that battled generational addiction.

As a young girl, Lucy watched her family disappear into the worlds of alcohol and drugs, and then she too was caught in the web of generational addiction. But Lucy somehow found her way to recovery. Now, her story of self-empowerment is at the center of saving others; many others.

Lucy was living for her next high… buying, selling, stealing, all to the point of “chasing it”. It was one woman who turned Lucy’s life around; a probation officer who pushed her into treatment.

Hope Village: Finding Recovery follows Lucy Hall’s redemptive journey from addiction into the other side of recovery in which she starts one of the most successful rehabilitation programs in the country after discovering a new approach to treating women’s health and substance abuse.

Through a series of refreshing interviews, honest conversations and bold reenactments, a group of women enrolled in the transformative program share their personal journeys, depicting the emotional highs, lows, obstacles and dreams of a discarded group of Americans that deserve to take their lives back.

Mary Hall Freedom House is one of the few offering comprehensive services beyond just recovery! It is unique and provides a model for the future of recovery programs.

The community, both local and national, speaks to her work…

“Freedom House has grown since its humble beginning in one apartment to become a national leader in gender-specific treatment, recovery, housing and support services, with seven separate housing programs. All of the services are geared towards at-risk women—both with and without children. It offers outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment in addition to GED completion support, employment readiness programs, life skills guidance and parenting classes”. –

“Lucy Hall is an incredible leader, and woman of God focused on changing lives for good. Her passion for building capacity in women is unparalleled.  Our community is able to thrive due to Ms. Halls relentless pursuit to serve those in need.” – Erica Qualls- Battey, Area General Manager Marriott International

“Lucy’s deep commitment to the women of Mary Hall Freedom House, her incredible abilities and her sincere care for our community are just a few of the reasons the SunTrust Foundation chose to honor Lucy and the Mary Hall Freedom House for our Lighting the Way Award. Her work, her faith, and her love of people never slow down.” – Jolie Maxwell, Vice President, Community and Government Affairs, SunTrust Bank

“Lucy Hall is a natural leader with a heart to match her nonprofit and community building skills. Her vision of Mary Hall Freedom House has grown from a small organization making a large impact on women and children to a large organization that continues to change the lives of many more women and children. The organization brings regained hope and self-respect to the women they serve and Lucy has created a culture of acceptance and love that is a true testament to her character and life as a servant leader. The Home Depot Foundation is proud to partner with Mary Hall Freedom House in serving women and children.” – Heather Prill, The Home Depot Foundation

2019 / 71 minutes / Color / English / HD / A film by Ri-Karlo Handy


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Big Fish Blues

MEMORY AFTER BELSEN- The Future of Holocaust Memory