Save 15% when you purchase the Albert Nerenberg Collection of 3 films consisting of his most acclaimed works: Boredom, Stupidity and Laughology.

Nerenberg is known to tackle social/psychological and even conspiratorial subjects with innovative fashion while exploring the sciences, origins, schemes, collusion and societal impact of his topics.

In Stupidity, Nerenberg sets out to determine whether our culture is hooked on deliberate ignorance as a strategy for success. From the origins of IQ test and the word “moron,” to Adam Sandler and George W. Bush, the film examines the “dumbing down” of contemporary culture.

With Laughology, Nerenberg created a screamingly funny and groundbreaking odyssey into why we laugh and those who would stop us. Laughology is a current method used by therapists to reduce stress.

When Nerenberg approached the subject of Boredom, his opening question asked ‘why the subject of boredom has been so religiously avoided”. The result is that boredom may not be we you think it is. The film’s breakthrough research suggests boredom is likely a state of stress and that from a corporate / government / bureaucratic perspective, our collective state of being bored may well be the result of a conspiracy.

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About Albert Nerenberg

Born in London, Ontario in 1962, Albert Nerenberg studied English Drama at McGill University in Montreal, where he formed Theatre Shmeatre, an improvisational theatrical company, and served as editor of the McGill Daily.

Formerly a newspaper reporter with the Montreal Gazette and talk radio host at CKGM, Nerenberg told the Montreal newspaper, La Presse, that he became a filmmaker after he smuggled a video camera through army lines during the 1990 Oka Crisis – a standoff between armed Mohawk Warriors and the Canadian military. The footage was later turned into his first documentary.


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