The 2019 definitive 4-Part Documentary Mini-Series about the Most Epic Journey in Human History

Originally broadcast on National Geographic and Fox affiliates.

July 20th, 1969 marks one of the greatest achievements in human history – man’s first step on the Moon.

Watched on live television by more than 1 billion people around the globe, Apollo 11 mesmerized the world, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed it. But behind this seminal event is a monumental story filled with incredible drama, danger, ingenuity, and emotion.

The mission was not without controversy or personal conflict, from government infighting to family dynamics; from JFK’s doubts about the mission and the financing of it to uncovered FBI documents showing threats to the mission.

THE APOLLO CHRONICLES tells this story like it has never been told before. Participants, family members, historians, and other experts paint a rich portrait of one of the most fascinating achievements in history. Among those in the film are:

Frank Borman: Retired United States Air Force Colonel, aeronautical engineer, test pilot and Apollo 8 Commander

Bill Anders: Retired United States Air Force Major General, nuclear engineer, NASA astronaut and crew member of Apollo 8

Glynn Lunney: flight director during the Gemini and Apollo

Andrew Aldrin: Son of Buzz Aldrin and President of the Buzz Aldrin Space Institute

John Fox: Noted FBI Historian

James Hansen: Neil Armstrong’s official biographer.

Alan Bean: Apollo 12 crew member

Norman Chaffee: 50 year veteran in the aerospace industry at the NASA Johnson Space Center

Jerry Blackburn: Part of the build team for the Apollo command module

This definitive 4-part documentary provides a full, nuanced understanding of the richly complex tale. In the end, THE APOLLO CHRONICLES is far more than a science story… rather, it is a human story about the people, the events, and the obstacles that comprised one of humanity’s greatest triumphs.


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