A look into what labels a life in current LGBTQ America.

Fifty plus conversations exploring the many different shades of being “gay” in America. This film focuses on the degrees and varying perceptions about how people define themselves, their lives, struggles and triumphs.

“Suggests that human sexuality is far more nuanced than labels or even a linear scale can capture…it’s a conversation that feels right for the times in which we live.”– The New York Times

“Truly one of the most extraordinary documentaries I have seen in years, ‘Between the Shades’ shines a light on such a Zeitgeist subject with such pathos, openness, sensitivity and brilliant storytelling.” -Jonathan Pillot IMDB

“By the end of the film, the interviewees feel more like friends and family, rather than strangers or “others”. The film is less about labels and more about personal experiences. “Queer” becomes relatable and approachable, as we come to realize how connected and similar we truly are. “Queer”, in actuality, seems the greater norm than not.” – Film Inquiry

“The speakers are engaged, passionate, proud of who they are and the journeys they have made – and the honesty of their truth-telling, coupled with the director’s skilled shaping of their group narrative, keeps our interest riveted throughout.”– Los Angeles Blade

Features: Kathy Najimy (Sister Act), Beth Malone (Brittany Runs a Marathon), Robin McWilliams (Scandal), Elizabeth Ziff (L Word) and more…


  • Twin Cities Film Fest
  • Soho International Film Festival
  • Cinema Diverse/Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival

Documentary / 82 Minutes / 2018 / A film by JILL SALVINO


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Kathy Najimi (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act)
Yuval David (Days Of Our Lives, Madam Secretary)