BUFFALO NATIONThe Critically Acclaimed film that takes you inside the hearts and minds of the Lakota Nation…Buffalo Nation: The Children Are Crying tells the story of the Lakota Nation from their hearts and minds. The Lakota Sioux (and many other indigenous Nations) are forced to live on the “Reservation,” a designated prisoner of war camp. This movie is a saga of displacement, neglect, deprivation, abolishment of traditional beliefs, language, mores and culture. Yet, despite the many challenges,   the Lakota will not give up!

Buffalo Nation is their story and is told by the Lakota People themselves.

“Buffalo Nation: The Children Are Crying” focuses on the devastation in which the Sioux Nation children are forced to live while also exploring the history, spirituality and values of the indigenous Sioux tribe.” – Long Island Exchange

Despite the film’s 2014 production year, it continues to garner critical acclaim and awards

Winner for Best Feature Film at the Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival in August 2018, the curators of which wrote “Depicts the tragic way of life for the rural, isolated Lakota people living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. This documentary focuses on the devastation in which the children of the Lakota Sioux Nation are forced to live. The children are filled with despair, and as a result, they are committing suicide at an alarming rate. They are crying for help!”

Winner: Best Documentary: Long Island International Film Expo

Official Selection / National Association of Social Workers Film Festival NASW/DC 2016

buffalo nation NASW 2016FilmFestival PNG

Official Selection / The Indie Gathering Film Festival

Official Selection / Commfest 2015

Honorable Mention: Richmond International Film Festival

Accolade/ Award of Merit

The Indie fest / Award of Merit

Nominated Best Feature Documentary: American Indian Film Festival(AIFF)

Official Selection: Cinema on The Bayou Film festival

94 minutes on 1 disc / Color / 2014 / A film by Leslye Abbey


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