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They Call Me Zarko is the true story of Ghazaros Demirdjian.

The son of displaced Armenian immigrants who had escaped the genocide (1915-1923), Ghazaros knew there was a better life out there for him. He loved John Wayne movies and dreamed of moving to America. With a developed sixth sense (which he credits to have learned from Romanian Gypsies), he knew it could be done, and finally embarked on a journey fraught with such peril that only the most determined could have survived.

From imprisonment in both Iraq and Iran, to the honor killing of a Turkish infidel, to arson in a fight with the mafia, this is the true story of how an Armenian born into abject poverty somehow made it to Hollywood and created a fortune in the American trash business.  He achieved the American Dream, his dream, of a successful business, a full table, and a loving family who now bask in the glow of his love and legacy.

This is his story as told by his wife, children,  grandchildren and family. And, of course, by Zarko himself!

“Everyone enjoys an underdog story, and this documentary is just that.” – SJ Portelli, Film Critic.

2021, 70 minutes, color and black & white / 16×9 HD, English Language, A film by Ron Small (I Danced for the Angel of Death, Circle Unbroken).


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