Cuban America SMI8003The evolving character and story of a major urban, metropolitan city by an immigrant community.

Cuban America explores the continuing Cuban-American story as a concentrated exile group’s impact on transforming the sleepy, tourist town of Miami into a major, metropolitan community. A detailed look into the complex experience of Cuban-Americans of who they are, how they came to be, where they came from, where they are going, what they did, and, more importantly, how they are portrayed.

“The historical context is comprehensive, also covering the oppressive Batista-led Cuba and the problems that inspired Castro’s revolution… does a great job shifting Castro’s tone from democratic freedom fighter to communist dictator and the events that shaped that change.” – Miami New Times

“A deeply moving work of tribute and love.”   – Ann Louise Bardach, author of Without Fidel & Cuba Confidential

Features Carmen Almeida, Carlos Alvarez, Uva de Aragon, Amelia Arce, Moises Asis, Liduvina Manuel Achong and more.

96 minutes on 1 disc


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