The underlying Watergate story explored by experts in 1973.

This 1973 program brings together 3 highly qualified panelists on the subjects of Howard Hughes and his many connections in what came to be known as Watergate.

J. Anthony Lukas was a Pulitzer Prize winner at the New York Times, and had recently written a book entitled “Nightmare: The Underside of the Nixon Years.”

Hank Greenspun was the publisher of the “Las Vegas Sun” and was very familiar with many in the Nixon orbit and had known Howard Hughes both as friend and otherwise for many years.

Terry Lenzner was a former prosecutor and was chief counsel on the Senate Watergate committee under Sam Dash.

Together, with David Susskind as host, the four go into great detail regarding a number of not well known aspects of Watergate, Nixon, Hughes and many other characters caught up in the underlying Watergate story.

1973 / 97 minutes / color / 4×3 standard definition / English language / Produced by David Susskind


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