disinformation complete series

“The punk rock 60 minutes…” – Los Angeles Times

How far do you have to go to go too far for television? Disinformation found out when it aired its own TV series, hosted by Disinfo co-founder Richard Metzger, on the UK’s Channel 4 TV network, challenging the network’s censors and resulting in Channel 4 refusing to air certain segments. The first season was bizarrely scheduled after Ally McBeal and surely messed with the heads of more than a few fans of that show–evidently the network didn’t quite realize what they had paid for. An instant classic of the weird and unusual, the series was a hit (and was bought, but never aired, by the Sci-Fi Channel in the United States).

The deluxe DVD version of DISINFORMATION: THE COMPLETE SERIES features interviews with literary celebs including Illuminatus! author Robert Anton Wilson, popular media commentator Douglas Rushkoff (Media Virus), Lucifer Principle author Howard Bloom, X-Men scribe and comics-genius Grant Morrison, and underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger–people you rarely see on TV. Shock rocker Marilyn Manson is also featured.

480 mins on 2 discs


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