DWM dino reach sleeve flatSeries information: 13 x 30 minutes

A Series for Developing Childhood Creativity

Children love to doodle, and with help, doodling can turn into drawing.

What more can you do to foster a child’s creativity? Art lessons? Tutoring? More sketch pads and pencils?

DWM ice cream happy tail sleeve flatDrawing with Mark is a series devoted to teaching pre-school and elementary school age children how to draw; how to develop the basics skills of drawing and how to maximize those skills. And, the magic of the series is that each episode combines a visit to a unique location where the child sees interesting things and then, upon returning to the ‘studio’ learns to draw what he or she has seen! 

A former Disney illustrator, Mark Marderosian, has created this 13-part series. The coupling of fun excursions with creative learning has earned the series two Emmy nominations, a Parents’ Choice ‘fun stuff’ award, the seal of approval from the National Parenting Center, a Creative Child Magazine award and an official approval from Kids First! The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media (www.kidsfirst.org).

dvd box wrap_Aquarium_Kids1st_FLATThe series consists of both live action and animated sequences. It is comprised of 13 30-minute episodes (on 6 discs) that take children to such places as a science museum, an aquarium, a farm, zoo and more. In each, the child is introduced to fun facts and phenomena and then, on a return trip to host Marderosian’s illustration studio, he or she is taught how to draw some of the things they’ve seen.

Critics far and wide have praised DRAWING WITH MARK. Below are just a few examples of what is being said about this multi-award winning series for children ages 5-9.kitten

“Your little artist can learn sketching fundamentals.” – Parents Magazine

“Every once in a while a “how-to” DVD comes along that stands out among the others. I don’t usually talk about these but this one deserves my attention.” – Working Mother

dvd box wrap_FARM_Kids1st_FLAT“RECOMMENDED… sure to inspire creativity in children of elementary school age and beyond.” – Video Librarian

***** “…the modern Mr. Rogers” Examiner

To detail the DRAWING WITH MARK SERIES, below is a breakdown of the episodes.

In A Day with the Dinosaurs, Mark goes on location to the Museum of Science where everyone learns about dinosaurs and how they lived. Drawing lessons in this episode include a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Pterodactyl and more.

No one can resist the ice cream parlor so in We All Scream for Ice Cream we visit the local shop and DWM_PIG_Bluelearn all about our favorite ice cream flavors! We then learn to draw an ice cream cone, an ice cream truck and more.

In Reach for the Stars, Mark returns Museum of Science to learn about outer space, planets, and stars! In this episode, your child will learn how to draw the planet Saturn and a friendly Astronaut on the Moon!

DWM_TRANS_CaseWrap_FRONTVirtually every child loves pets. A visit to the Buddy Dog Humane Society is in store in Happy Tails where Mark visits with cats and dogs and everyone learns how to care for our 4 legged friends. Lessons include drawing a kitten and a puppy.

There’s nothing more fun that a trip to the zoo. Join Mark and the gang in Let’s Go to the Zoo as they visit the very special Zoo New England’s Stone Zoo and learn about all kinds of animal life. In this episode, drawings lessons result in learning to illustrate a bear and a flamingo!

Mark takes everyone back to the Zoo in Zoo Stories to meet more new animal friends. He then teachesDWM_TRACTOR_Blue everyone to draw a fun koala and an awesome jaguar!

Come draw along with Mark as we visit a farm in Good to Grow and learn all about planting, growing our food, and the importance of local farms! In this episode we learn to draw a real tractor and sunflowers!

DWM_TRANS_CaseWrap_FRONTOn a return trip in Life on the Farm, Mark and his friends visit with real farm animals and meet some of the people who play important roles in making a farm work! In this episode, everyone learns to draw a big ol’ barn and really cute pig.

In Something Fishy we join Mark and the gang as they visit The Woods Hole Science Aquarium and learn about all kinds of fish and sea life. Then you learn how to draw a school of fish and a sea star.

A Day at the Aquarium boasts a return journey to the aquarium where we meet even more new friends including LuSeal and Bumper, the harbor seals, and Stumpy the Turtle. In this episode, everyone learns to draw a fun seal and a sea turtle.

Join Mark in Take Flight on a visit with a real pilot to learn all about planes and flying! In this episode we learn to draw a jet plane, a helicopter and more.

Come draw along with Mark in As the Wheels Turn as we visit an Auto Museum and learn all about
cars, both old and new! We’ll meet new friends and practice drawing an antique car, and even learn to illustrate a car from the future!

In Fire Station, Mark goes takes us on a trip to a firehouse to talk with real firefighters! We learn how to draw a an incredible fire truck.


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The DRAWING WITH MARK series is available for purchase.  Below is a breakdown of the episodes and the DVDs available.

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Drawing with Mark: We All Scream for Ice Cream and Happy Tails: Order from Amazon http://amzn.to/1LWR1sV

Drawing with Mark: Good to Grow and Life on the Farm: Order from Amazon http://amzn.to/1NTf5uM

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Drawing with Mark: Take Flight, As the Wheels Turn and Fire Station (special 3 episode disc):  Order from Amazon http://amzn.to/1LSqOdY

The long and the short of this is two-fold… First and foremost, the programming is fun and educational, the journeys enlightening. Coupled with the creative development potential, Drawing with Mark is a wonderful and inexpensive investment in a child’s imagination.