The multi-part, multi-disc, multi-sku video series that spins the bottles like never before. 25 Full Length programs for a total of 35 hours.

From world-famous Scott Young of Bar Smart and the Extreme Team, the world leaders in performance bartending and hospitailty instruction comes a comprehensive video series that teaches “performance bartending” to pros and amateurs alike!

“The Most Complete Training Program Available.” – Bar and Beverage Business Magazine

The Seminar Collection

(2 Volumes of 6 Hours each)

1.How to Increase Your Tips (66 mins)
2.How To Be A Faster More Efficient Bartender (63 mins)
3.Make More Money with Suggestive Selling (45 mins)
4.How to Become an Exceptional Bartender-Server (73 mins)
5.Attracting Customers (58 mins)
6.Facts about the Style of Extreme Bartending (59 mins)
7.Drinking and Driving (52 mins)
8.How to Get the Job You Want in the Service Industry (76 mins)
9.Stories from Behind the Bar (69 mins)
10.Around the World of Flair Bartending (156 mins)
The Working Flair Series

(approx. 7.5 Hours)

•Volumes 1-5

The Competition Flair Series

(approx. 7.5 Hours)

•Volumes 1 – 4

The Teamwork Tandem Flair Series

(approx. 6 Hours)

•Volumes 1-4

And the one that’s for EVERYONE…


(approx. 3 Hours)

•Volume 1: Party Games, Tricks and Challenges (130 mins)
•Volume 2: Riddles, Puzzles and Brain Teasers (55 mins)