Soundview is pleased to offer a 20% discount on this collection of acclaimed Festival Favorites when purchased together vs. when purchased individually. The savings applies to either DVD w/PPR or digital license fees.

The collection consists of three films, all of which have had extensive festival play and achieved critical acclaim. Below are snapshots of each film, but you can read more and watch the trailers by clicking the hyperlinks provided:

Women Without Men

Women Without Men, an adaptation of Shahrnush Parsipur’s magic realist novel of the same name, was Iranian artist Shirin Neshat‘s first feature length film.

The story chronicles the intertwining lives of four Iranian women during the summer of 1953; a cataclysmic moment in Iranian history when an American led, British backed coup d’état brought down the democratically elected Prime Minister, Mohammad Mossadegh, and reinstalled the Shah to power.


I Believe in Unicorns

“Rarer even than a unicorn sighting is an honest, complicated portrayal of adolescent female sexuality on film, but in her debut feature, writer and director Leah Meyerhoff has done just that.” – Village Voice

Davina is an imaginative and strong-willed teenage girl who often escapes into a beautifully twisted fantasy life. Having grown up quickly as the sole caretaker of her disabled mother, she looks for salvation in a new relationship with an older boy.


White Shadow

Since 2008, albinos in Tanzania have become human targets. Witch doctors offer huge sums of cash for their body parts to be used in magic potions. From 2008 to 2010, more than 200 witch-doctor inspired murders occurred. As a local saying goes: “Albinos do not die, they just disappear.” This is the story of Alias, an albino boy on the run.

“A film offering a harsh glimpse of an ugly element of contemporary East African life, this is highly recommended.” – Video Librarian



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