A family film with an inspirational message that presents its story through a unique, modern production style. 


There has never been a football team like the Portland Lobsters. There will never be one again!

HAIL MARY! is a Family Football Comedy Feature Both On and Off the Field! The film’s hysterically inspirational story-line is a simple one:

Quarterback Caleb O’Rourke is fantastic, but The Lobsters’ front line is terrible. O’Rourke can’t get a pass off… ever.

In an act of total desperation, the coach of The Lobsters, a pro football team that has now lost 32 games in a row, travels to Japan to buy a school of sumo wrestlers. His intention? To bring the humongous wrestlers back to Maine to replace his inept offensive line.

What happens next is the stuff of legend…

Hail Mary! is unusually produced with a combination of hilarious live action and uniquely developed BRUSH-STROKED ANIMATION.

The football sequences were filmed on green-screen and back-dropped into the Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Stadium, Sumo cheerleaders and all!

“[Hail Mary!] presents a total departure from the current crop of motion pictures. It relies heavily on strong visuals and a distinctive visual style. Simply put, the story-line is exceptionally funny with huge commercial potential.” – Rob Draper, Cinematographer (Halloween 5, Spitfire Grill).

The awesome starting line-up includes:

  • The brainstorming coach, played by Eddie Mekka (“The Big Ragu” on Laverne and Shirley, A League of their Own)
  • The Lead Sumo-Wrestling Front Lineman is played by Yama (Zoolander 2)
  • The coaches able-bodied assistant and translator, played by Joomin Hwang (Iron Fist, Trained)
  • Gabbi the journalist is played by Sheena Colette (Dystopia, Irrefutable Proof)
  • and Caleb O’Rourke is the Quarterback who needs serious help and is played by is played by Chet Göle (Mafia Dad, Billions)

Hail Mary!’s All-Star Creative Team includes:

  • Richard Castellane as Executive Producer and Writer (Irrefutable Proof, Winner of The Golden Palm Award, Best Cinematography, Beverly Hills Film Festival 2016)
  • Ziad H Hamzeh as Producer and Director (Irrefutable Proof, Syria: War and Power, The Party, Henry O! The Flower of Aleppo)
  • Rob Draper ACS as the Cinematographer (The Fosters, Irrefutable Proof, Halloween 5, The
  • Spitfire Grill, Tiger Warsaw)
  • Sam Adelman as Editor (Hometown Hero, Stray, A Cat’s Tale, Screen Door Jesus, One Percent More Humid)
  • Bob Altman as the Production Supervisor (Lily in Love, This is My Father, Spearfield’s Daughter, War Child)

“WILL BECOME A CULT HIT…Superb sense of comic irony and creative situations to move the plot. Intro of Sumos to the art of the sport provides very good humor, very funny.” -Marty Meltz, film critic, Portland Press Herald and Maine Sunday Telegram

“A killer idea here. First, it’s fun, crazy, fantastical energy. It reminds me a bit of ‘Shaolin Soccer’, which I loved. This world isn’t constrained by the rules that govern ours. Their sports prowess is so great as to transcend the boundaries of physics…love the wild energy and the image of the sumo wrestlers on the football field…”– Colin Theys, Film Director “The Murder Pact”, “Alien Opponent”.

“Funniest sports’ comedy I’ve ever read.” –  Kimberly Pettit, former CEO Momentum Entertainment

The DVD version includes bonus material including a teaser for the upcoming Comic Book Series, the original movie trailer and an audio file of The Acorn Song, a traditional Japanese classic that includes on-screen lyrics.

Of special note for trivia enthusiasts: Based on market research, the title Hail Mary! replaced the original film title which of Sushi Tushi.

2018 / 90 Minutes / Color / 16×9 / 5.1 Surround Sound / A film by Ziad H Hamzeh.


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