“Finding the right band at the right time can be life-changing, and this documentary is proof” – Rolling Stone

A poignant, moving documentary on the British powerhouse rock group IDLES

DON’T GO GENTLE is a film about finding strength in vulnerability. It journeys through the determination, friendship and adversity of IDLES’ as they fight for a place in a divided socio-political environment, unexpectedly inspiring and unifying an international community along the way.

In a time when the ground is shifting beneath our feet, where open communication and truthful reflection are more vital than ever, we journey with lead singer Joe Talbot and the band as they tear across stages, knock down stereotypes and empower fans to face down uncomfortable realities and talk about mental health.

“Don’t Go Gentle,’ the new film about IDLES, is touching proof that bands can still change your life” – NME Magazine

“Shows how a band can change lives, not only on-stage, but also off, as music brings people together and unites them in ways other things don’t.” – Getintothiss

About the band: The band consists of Welsh singer Joe Talbot (vocals) and English musicians Mark Bowen (guitar), Lee Kiernan (guitar), Adam Devonshire (bass) and Jon Beavis (drums). Their debut album, Brutalism, was released in 2017 to critical acclaim, as was their second album Joy as an Act of Resistance in 2018. Their third album, Ultra Mono, was released on 25 September 2020.

The band’s music has been associated with punk rock and related genres including post-punk, hardcore punk, and post-hardcore. Singer Joe Talbot, however, rejects the punk label. In 2017, Talbot was quoted as saying: “We’re not a post punk band. I guess we have that motorik, engine-like drive in the rhythm section that some post punk bands have but we have plenty of songs that aren’t like that at all.” At a 2018 concert in Manchester, England, he said: “For the last time, we’re not a f*cking punk band”.

2021 / 75 minutes / English / A film by Mark Archer (Tate Britain’s Great British Walks)


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