April 30, 1975 marked the end of Vietnam’s two-decade-old civil war and the start of the exodus of hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Despite his alliance to the toppled South Vietnamese government, Long Nguyen (as Long Nguyen) decides to remain in Vietnam. Imprisoned in a Communist re-education camp, he urges his family to make the escape by boat without him. His wife Mai (Diem Lien), son Lai (Nguyen Thai Nguyen) and mother Ba Noi (Kieu Chinh) then embark on the arduous ocean voyage in the hope of reaching the U.S. and freedom.

Inspired by the true stories of Vietnamese refugees who fled their land after the fall of Saigon, and those who were forced to stay behind, Journey from the Fall follows one family’s struggle for freedom.

Produced in 2006 by the Vietnamese expat community and their families, Journey from the Fall was met with great critical response:

“An unmissable, powerful and essential film… so rooted in history and yet made with sensitivity and grace.” — Erika Franklin, Firecracker Magazine, UK FILM Council

“Writer/Director Ham Tran achieves the impossible.” — Matt Zoller Seitz, The New York Times

“A superbly wrought saga of loss and survival… A remarkably ambitious debut… A major accomplishment. An example of sophisticated, impassioned filmmaking involving mainly people who lived through the harrowing experiences so unsparingly depicted.” — Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

Features Diem Lien, Kieu Chinh, Long Nguyen, Nguyen Thai Nguyen, Cat Ly, Jayvee Mai The Hiep and Khanh Doan.

The Bluray / CD set includes extensive bonus materials:

  • Full-feature video commentary with the film’s cast and crew
  • Deleted scenes, B-roll and on-set footage
  • Cast and crew interviews
  • Original trailer and TV spots
  • Extensive historical testimonials, cultural notes and teaching supplements

Drama / 2006 / Vietnamese with English subtitles / 135 Minutes / A film by Ham Tran


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