Jewish Holiday Party DVD- Hi-resparents choice awardWinner of a 2014 Parents’ Choice Award.

Mama Doni’s “Jewish Holiday Party” is her debut DVD with a brand new bonus soulful, acoustic CD soundtrack as a bonus!

From a bluegrass “Chanukah Oh Chanukah” medley sing-along to a fun instructional “Making Challah with Mama Doni” video throwdown in the kitchen, this DVD celebrates Chanukah, Passover and Shabbat like never before. Join Doni as she sings and dances through the holidays. Party along at home with helpful how-to’s for making mouth-watering matzo pizza, sizzling latkes and other scrumptious surprises!

The exciting new soundtrack features 12 original acoustic versions of classic Jewish favorites by Doni Zasloff and guitarist Eric Lindberg.

Mama Doni’s “Jewish Holiday Party” fills your home and holidays with a hoedown of Jewish deliciousness and delight! With a whole lot of soul and a country-lovin’ spirit, “The Original Jewish Cowgirl” lassos your heart and soul with a “Bluegrass Dayeinu” and so much more.  Eric Lindberg rockin’ the guitar, dobro, banjo, mandolin and ukele, makes this DVD/CD pack a happy heimish hoedown!!

It’s the perfect rollicking gift for the whole family to enjoy for many holidays to come. Happy holidays, chag sameach and yeehaw!

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Mama Doni’s Jewish Holiday Party (DVD/CD)

“This delightful DVD for children — starring Parents’ Choice award-winning entertainer Mama Doni (Doni Zasloff Thomas), a dynamo of energy and talent — focuses on three Jewish holidays marked by rituals, good food, bonding time, music, and fun, with Doni and musical partner Eric Lindberg contributing bluegrass versions of holiday favorites.  For Chanukah, Mama Doni wisely begins with a kids’ game:  a dreidel circle with gelt (chocolate coins) in the middle for the winner, which is followed by a cute film about trying to use gelt as real money in stores, after which Doni explains the story behind Chanukah.  Next up is Passover, which Doni suggests is about freedom — including the freedom to be oneself.  Doni notes that Passover includes housecleaning, shopping for kosher foods and unleavened products, putting together a Seder plate, and — for youngsters — making matzo pizza.  The third segment, which centers on the Shabbat (or weekly Sabbath), features more tunes, dances, and stories, along with a simple recipe for making challah.  Bundled with a bonus CD featuring 13 songs, this engaging children’s title is recommended.” – Video Librarian (January 2014)