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middle-east-studies-collection-1The Middle East Studies Collection 1 consists of three films. Each can be explored in more detail at the provided hyperlinks where trailers are also available.

Noam Chomsky – Mafia Principle Of Global Hegemony: Middle East, Empire, & Activism

The world’s most influential living intellectual, Noam Chomsky, holds forth on the root causes of the conflicts in the Middle East, and talks about hopes for future social change.

Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad’s Coming War For Islamic Revival And Obama’s Politics

By seeking to appease Ahmadinejad with “change” in U.S. Middle East policy, President Obama may have ushered in the a catastrophe for America. If successful in its nuclear program, Iran and its allies will possess the means to achieve their ultimate goals – the defeat of America and the return of Islam to past glory

Nice Bombs

Filmmaker Usama Alshaibi (Profane, American Arab) returns to Baghdad to reunite with his family after nearly 24 years. The film navigates through his unique relationship to an Iraq that is much different than the country of his childhood. With humor and resilience Nice Bombs explores Usama’s dual role as both Iraqi and American.


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