A psychedelic journey into one of the world’s most powerful minds…

“If you aren’t careful, Moore might actually drop a theory or two into your head that just won’t go away no matter how hard you or the Illuminati try … as for this documentary, one could say Vylenz pulled the curtain back on Moore and gave us a glimpse.” – Newsarama.com

“Not many people can sustain interest for an hour and a half simply by articulating their world view. Alan Moore pulls it off. The reclusive British comic book writer behind ‘Watchmen,’ ‘V for Vendetta,’ ‘From Hell’ and other ground-breaking bleakfests, lays it all out … The two-disc package from filmmaker DeZ Vylenz focuses on Moore, who stares straight into the camera as he expounds on everything from fascism and Swamp Thing to Reagan-era politics, celebrity, surveillance, pornography and magic.” – Wired.com’s Underwire

Alan Moore writer, artist and performer is the world’s most critically acclaimed and widely admired creator of comic books and graphic novels. In “The Mindscape of Alan Moore” we see a portrait of the artist as contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols and images. The film leads the audience through Moore’s world with the writer himself as guide, beginning with his childhood background, following the evolution of his career as he transformed the comics medium, through to his immersion in a magical worldview where science, spirituality and society are part of the same universe.

“Moore discusses various philosophies (intertwining science, spirituality, and society) and notions (he prefers the working-class term “comic book” to “graphic novel” and “pornography” to “erotica”), as well as his major works (Watchmen, V for Vendetta, etc.), while Vylenz provides illustrative background through comic book panels, dramatic reenactments, abstract imagery, and scenes of contemporary England. RECOMMENDED” – Video Librarian


Making of featurette
Interviews with director, composer and special make-up FX artist
Selected scene analysis with director’s commentary
Introduction to Alan Moore’s work by Paul Gravett
Interviews with Melinda Gebbie (Lost Girls), Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), David Lloyd (V For Vendetta), Kevin O Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Jose Villarubia (Promethia & Mirror of Love)

MUSIC: Original Music by Drew Richards. Additional Music by Bill Laswell & Alan Douglas, Lustmord, Spectre

SUBTITLES: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

78 minutes + extensive bonus on 2 discs


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