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It is the challenge of these United States to develop and maintain advanced infrastructure on all fronts including superior medical technology and healthcare, but people don’t ask for it, not all clinicians believe they need it and there is a lack of will to invest in it. The result is that an estimated 200,000 people die from medical errors in American hospitals annually.

It might be an obvious conclusion that since many medical practices use computers to record patient information, and since hospitals also use computers for such information, that these two worlds must be exchanging that information.

Unfortunately, while this has been a dream for many decades, it has yet to be realized in this country.

When co-Directors Kevin B. Johnson, MD, MS and Barry Simmons first started exploring the work being done to make The Health Information Exchange come together… about the pace of that work… they were astonished. As they went through the reasons why, it became clear what a difficult challenge the exchange of information was, although not the least bit because of technical issues.

The development of a true Health Information Exchange is a major challenge of the 21st century, one that needs to be overcome both technically and politically.

“No Matter Where” explores the complexities of the numerous issues that have to be addressed from the technology involved to the adoption of practice by participants all along the informational path. It is an overwhelming challenge and “No Matter Where” sheds great light on the status of the effort.

“No Matter Where” is the result of a few voices out of Nashville and the home of Vanderbilt University Medical Center; one of the top 15 ranked medical schools in the country.

77 minutes on 1 disc / 2016


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Dr. Kevin B. Johnson – Filmmaker

Kevin B. Johnson, MD, MS is Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Pediatrics and Biomedical Informatics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. He is a national expert in clinical information systems development and evaluation, and has published over 100 articles, abstracts, and book chapters in the field. He has received numerous grants and major awards for his research. Dr. Johnson is a member of the Institute of Medicine, the American College of Medical Informatics, and the American Pediatric Society, in recognition of his leadership and success in both pediatrics and biomedical informatics. Kevin is a long-time advocate in helping the nation’s healthcare system better utilize patient data for treatment, as well as for discovery and improving the system. He brings to this foray into the world of filmmaking his more than 30 years of experience in music, theatre and photography—all ways to communicate important issues, feelings, and opinions to a wide audience.

Barry Simmons – Director

Barry Simmons is the Founder of StoneCastle Pictures, an award-winning producer of medically-focused documentaries, including “Your Genome and the Future of Medicine” (TV Special), “Where Discovery Brings Hope” (TV Special), “Sons of Lwala” (Documentary). Mr. Simmons has a history of work in both movie production and news reporting, which will be critical to the story discovery process for this documentary. Today, in addition to making documentaries, Barry and his team travel the world on behalf of clients to discover and capture their own real-life stories. Trained at the University of Missouri School of Journalism, Barry has received fellowships to the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and The International Reporting Project at Johns Hopkins University-SAIS.

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