Welcome to the wasteland that is Paulistas, in the Brazilian savanna. No young people live in the region.

Paulistas, a rural region in the state of Goiás, is struggling to survive in the Brazilian savanna. Its young people have left in a rural exodus; since 2014, no young people live in the region.

Monoculture soy farming and the exploitation of water resources have left Paulistas’ countryside cracked. In July, it’s vacation time. Children return from cities to visit their parents, re-immersing themselves in life on the farm.

Inspired by the director’s own story and about the region where he grew up, the day-to-day lives of three brothers, Samuel, Vinícius, and Rafael (the director’s cousins) are unobtrusively observed.

The film world-premiered at Dok Leipzig, one of the world’s oldest documentary film festivals, where PAULISTAS was part of the Next Masters Competition.

“Intimate and personal meditations reveal fascinating and complex details about this community and the overall human condition.” – C.Hope, The Sound View

Documentary / 2017 / 77 minutes / color / Portuguese w/English subtitles / A film by Daniel Nolasco


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