Is America now or has it ever been a Christian Nation?

What is the meaning of separation of church and state?

How can the church be a faithful witness in a pluralistic society?

and importantly, what might the church look like in the future?

People of Faith brings perspective to these questions and more in relation to Christianity in America.

Winner, Bronze Award for Best Series, International Christian Visual Media

Survey the history of Christianity in the United States from before the Pilgrims to the present in this stunning series. You’ll gain valuable perspective on the people and ideas that shaped America and see how it came to be the first nation in history based upon the ideal of religious liberty.

In this six episode, two-disc DVD set you’ll meet the spiritual visionaries, leaders and entrepreneurs who shaped Christianity across the centuries and dramatically impacted the culture we live in today, including Jonathan Edwards, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Archbishop John Joseph Hughes, Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham among many other influential Protestant and Catholic Christians.

Six 30+ minute episodes broken into the following chapters…

1. Faith in the New World: From Monarchs to the Marketplace – a basic historical overview
2. Many Mansions – a look at the diversity within American Christianity.
3. Rebels with a Cause – a look at some of the ways in which the church has been involved in social and political reform and disputes.
4. Challenges and Change – the role of innovation in shaping the historic and contemporary Church.
5. Home Grown Saints – stories of ten important and representative figures in the sweep of American Church History.
6. The Future of Christianity – a discussion of current issues and future directions.

DVD Bonus Features Include:

-Expert Commentary From Martin Marty: University of Chicago, Mark Noll: University of Notre Dame, Jean Bethke Elshtain: University of Chicago, Joel Carpenter: Calvin College, Philip Gleason: University of Notre Dame, Thomas Kidd: Baylor University, Darren Dochuk: Purdue University, Kathryn Long: Wheaton College, and many more.

-Study and Discussion Questions for Small Group and Class Interaction

-Program Outlines

180 minutes on 2 discs / Color / 2011 / Optional English Sub-titles / Full Screen


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