The 1947 Academy Award nominated story of Pearl White, the daredevil damsel who thrilled millions during the hey-day of silent serials.

In the early twentieth century, happy-go-lucky Pearl White, working as a seamstress in a costume shop, is always distracted and more interested in becoming an entertainer, most specifically an actress. She gets her wish when she gets an impromptu introduction to a second rate traveling theater troupe called the Farrington Players, headed by its lead actor Mike Farrington who reluctantly offers her a job.

Pearl quickly befriends other troupe members, such as Timmy Timmons and Julia Gibbs, but Pearl’s less than subtle nature continually irks Mike, as it doesn’t mesh with the serious nature of their productions. But that does not stop Pearl from falling in love with Mike, and in time Mike falling in love with Pearl.

Despite her fellow thespians not considering it acting, Pearl gets a lucrative job acting in movies, where her broad style is more well suited. Pearl becomes one of the most famous movie actresses of her time, specifically in the serial The Perils of Pauline, where the lead character, played by Pearl, is always in physical danger, much like Pearl always is in doing many of her own stunts.

As the professional fortunes of Pearl and Mike rise and fall, generally in opposite directions, they have to decide if their love for each other can overcome being in the other’s shadow.

“Miss Hutton plays it with enthusiasm unimpaired and with the wide-eyed and square-jawed persistence of a primitive movie queen.” – The New York Times (1947)

Nominated for an Oscar (1948) for Best Music/Original Song by Frank Loesser, The film stars Betty Hutton, John Lund, Constance Collier, William Demarest, Billy DeWolfe and quite a few others from the era, too numerous to mention.

1947 / Mono – Color (Technicolor), English language / A film by George Marshall


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