Pizza wasn’t invented in New Haven. It was perfected there…

“An important film of staggering genius that needed to be made” – Deborah Brown, The Swellesley Report

There are only three pizza places in the world that matter… Most everyone has a passion for pizza, but only New Haven lays claim to the Holy Trinity of pizza joints with Sally’s, Pepe’s, and Modern. They are not only a cornerstone of New Haven’s Italian-American heritage but also the establishments that set the bar for this immediately recognizable comfort food. National polls agree: these are the pizzas by which all others are measured.

Filmmaker Gorman Bechard tells the story of the evolution of this modern day food staple, the only pizza that can really be called “apizza.”

From the landing of Italian immigrants on our shores, to the rusted wheels of Frank Pepe’s bread cart, to the black charcoal on your very own fingertips, take a journey from old world Italy into present day New Haven.

Pizza, A Love Story is not just a tale of three restaurants but of three families that have the power to polarize, captivate, and delight.

As we say, pizza wasn’t invented in New Haven, it was perfected there.

“The film is not entirely about pizza; one can watch it and see Bechard laying out the history of his city, a cycle of immigration, assimilation, and gentrification that extends well beyond New Haven.” – eFilmcritic

Among the featured personalities included in the film are

  • Henry Winkler
  • Dave Portnoy
  • Lyle Lovett
  • Rick Nielsen

The DVD version features an incredible about of bonus materials to heighten the taste buds:

  • Commentary from director Gorman Bechard, co-producers Dean Falcone & Colin M. Caplan
  • Lyle Lovett on Pepe’s Pizzeria
  • Michael Bolton on Wooster Street
  • Making Pizza with Modern’s Bill Pustari
  • Italian American Culture in New Haven
  • Urban Renewal in New Haven
  • Hy Katz Explains the Pizza Boy Song
  • There Can Be No Favorites
  • Q&A with director Gorman Bechard, co-producers Dean Falcone & Colin M. Caplan on opening night in New Haven
  • The Original Opening

2019 / 85 minutes / Color / English / 16×9 HD / A film by Gorman Bechard


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