Grammy Nominated Professor Louie & The Crowmatix from their Rock n Roll barn create a musical journey about the history of Americana town, Hurley, NY.

With interviews and untold stories by members of The Hurley Heritage Society, the film is the work of Cine Golden Eagle winning Director, Bruce Connors, who has incorporated visuals and imagery that together tell the history of this farming community from the Revolutionary War to present day.

Some back story: For one month, Hurley was the capital of the State of New York. It was also the location for the first Assembly meeting for the state. And, there was an inn which came a bit later. The Inn began during the early 19th century as the “Suspension Bridge House.” About the beginning of the 20th century it was renamed the Hurley Hotel, featuring a tavern and a one chair barber shop. During the early 1970s it was renamed the Hurley Mountain Inn. For a few years it was known as a biker bar, but then a NY State Trooper barracks was placed directly across the street and the tavern became a tame flag-festooned family place.

The film touches upon The American Revolutionary War, regional farming and the history Of New York State.

2020 / 44 minutes / English / A film by Bruce Connors


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