The Dark Web is a new area of exploitation and focus when it comes to horror films. In The Purging Hour, a home video is discovered on the dark web in connection to the death and disappearance of the Diaz Family. Now a film crew sets out to uncover the truth.

With the hopes of a new life for his family, Bruce Diaz left the harsh city for the serene mountains of California. Upon arrival to their new home, the Diaz family fell victim to one of the most horrific crimes in history. With no serviceable evidence being retrieved, the case went cold and was eventually dismissed. Years later, the family’s personal home movie footage was released by anonymous source.

The Purging Hour is a recent example of how horror filmmakers take on new tactics and modify older ones to create their work.

“A compelling exercise in psychological terror… a journey in the twisted realm of fear.” – Dread Central

“Very tense and I was actually scared” – Horror News

  • From the studio that brought you THE INVOKING, HUNTING THE LEGEND and ZOMBIE WORLD!
  • Cast includes Tom McClaren (The Exorcism of Molly Hartley), Dean Testerman (Sexy Evil Genius), Art Roberts (Absolution) and Paul Cross (Ice Pawn)

2016 / 81 minutes / Color / English Language / A film by Emmanuel Sandoval


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