A true American Classic from the Pre-Code Hollywood Era, Director Lewis Milestone created a ‘tour de force’ that caused controversy when first released.

W. Somerset Maugham’s powerful story of Sadie Thompson in perhaps the most celebrated version, vividly capturing the lives of several very different human beings, thrown together on Pago Pago during a fierce monsoon.

Brilliant performances by Joan Crawford, as the cynical prostitute, and Walter Huston, as the minister who tries to reform her. Rounding out the cast is Fred Howard, Ben Hendricks, William Gargan, Mary Shaw, Guy Kibbee and Beulah Bondi.

“In movies for less than a decade, eventual Best Actress Oscar winner Joan Crawford (Mildred Pierce, 1945) holds her own in Rain while acting opposite an ensemble cast of stage-trained actors, among them Guy Kibbee, Beulah Bondi, and Walter Huston as Mr. D.” —Danny Fortune, Altfg.com.

“A flop in 1932, Rain has since recovered its artistic reputation, particularly for Crawford’s then-shocking ‘realism’ as Sadie.” —Lucia Bozzola, All Movie Guide.

The DVD version features extensive bonus material including

  • An alternate 76-minute “cut version” of the 1938 Atlantic Reissue for comparison
  • Commentary track by Mick LaSalle Writer for the San Francisco Chronicle and noted film historian.
  • Commentary track by Richard Barrios Writer, Historian, and Commentator.
  • Liner Notes by Marc Wannamaker writer and film historian.
  • And more…

1932 / Drama / 94 Minutes / Black & White / A film by Lewis Milestone


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