From the award winning director of God Bless New Dixie comes a biographical documentary about a decades-long friendship between two mild-mannered British gentlemen who make the weirdest music you’ve ever heard.

A decades-long friendship drives an architect and a bio-medical scientist to make the weirdest music you’ve ever heard in your life. And thanks to the Internet, they’re more popular than ever.

The documentary 23rd Century Giants follows the musical careers of mild-mannered Brits Brian Poole and David Janssen, aka Renaldo & the Loaf, whose sonic experimentation with tape loops, household objects and repurposed musical instruments alike gave them a unique electronic sound that would inspire generations of adventurous music lovers for decades

From childhood friendship, to landing a deal with the record company of their wildest dreams, then not speaking for 20 years only to reunite to world-wide cult status, this definitive history of the band features interviews with the avant-garde duo themselves, and virtually every key figure in their musical lives, unseen photos, unheard music and comedic cutout animations.

This touching story of the power of friendship and creativity will have even reluctant listeners eager to hear what Renaldo & the Loaf come up with next.

The bluray features some wonderful bonus materials including

  • 25 minutes of extended interviews and deleted scenes
  • 1981 Ralph Records ‘Songs for Swinging Larvae’ promo film, remastered in HD from the original 16mm source.
  • Renaldo & The Loaf’s ‘Backwards Film Study #1’ 8mm film
  • Music videos for ‘A Convivial Ode’ and ‘Optimism’

“As such, the film stands as an inspiration for musical oddballs everywhere that one day, their story might be told too.” – On Screen Films

83 minutes / color / 2021 / A film by Alex Wroten


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