In honor of Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, the Romero Collector’s Edition has been remastered. The film chronicles the amazing true transformation of an apolitical, complacent priest to a committed leader, who started a revolution without guns, without an army, and without fear. He fought with the only weapon he had: the truth.

Starring Golden Globe winners Raul Julia (Kiss of The Spider Woman) and Richard Jordan (The Hunt For Red October), Eddie Velez (Repo Man) and Ana Alicia (Halloween II).

The new DVD features special features including screenwriter audio commentary, Spanish language track, and a Behind the Scenes segment.

“The film works up a considerable emotional charge, with doe-eyed Julia attaining a mythic simplicity” – Time Out

“A riveting drama about the radicalization of a moderate Catholic priest as he is exposed to the violence and suffering in El Salvador.” – Spirituality and Practice

“The film has a good heart, and the Julia performance is an interesting one, restrained and considered. His Romero is not a firebrand but a reasonable man who cannot deny the evidence of his eyes and his conscience.” – Roger

1989 / 105 minutes / Color / English / A film by John Duigan


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