The science behind stem cell research and application…

With major breakthroughs happening on an almost daily basis, stem cell research continues to be as much of a hot button issue as it is the stuff of politics, religion and… importantly… miracles.

Stem cells are cells that can transform into other kinds of cells. Many praise stem cell, research, science and therapy for its rarely tapped healing power and rejuvenation capabilities.

British voice artist Mich Cman lends his voice to this new and exciting program that presents a cutting-edge technology overview.

“Fascinating and awakening, this exploration of Stem Cells will leave you breathless” – Steve Barton 

Join us on this documentary exploration to uncover what could be the secrets to immortality as stem cells are dissected and discussed at length. Delve deep into the mysteries of life and secrets of the universe and get ready for what might well be a look at potential immortality.

2019 / 60 minutes / Color / English / A documentary film by Stanley Vespien


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