On May 17, 2017, the Huffington Post featured an article about filmmaker Gerry Orz and his work creating this award winning film. A pull from this article reads: “Turning his traumatizing experience into positive action, Gerry decided to use his story to address bullying in a way that kids and parents could relate to. “The Equation of Life” was Gerry’s first commercially released film and in addition to earning numerous awards, it also captured national attention and put Gerry into the media spotlight. Using his newfound celebrity to further the cause, Gerry continued screening his film and sharing his story at various schools and organizations. He also campaigned California lawmakers to designate an official day of silence to raise awareness against bullying. The Senate responded by recognizing his law and declared December 12 as the official “Day of Silence” for bullying prevention awareness.”  Read the full article

“There are many anti-bullying films on the market. What makes this one unique is the voice of a child who experienced it first-hand. The resolutions proposed are simple and realistic. If this film prevents the bullying of even one child, then it’s done its job.” – Ranny Levy, Founder and President, KIDS FIRST!

“Sure to spark discussion among young viewers, this is recommended” – Video Librarian




When 10 year old Gerry Orz created his short film “Day of Silence”, he knew the 11,000+ YouTube views meant he’d struck a nerve.

More than a story about bullying, Gerry turned the original short into “The Equation of Life”, a 32-minute film about how Gerry 1each and every decision we make changes the path we travel.

Now 11 years old, Gerry Orz’s “The Equation of Life” tells the story of one boy who when faced with a dilemma took matters into his own hands. It is a film by one child who speaks to all children (and adults) about a subject so important that it needs to be seen by all.

Since producing The Equation of Life, Gerry Orz has won awards, spoken in front of numerous groups and appeared in front of the California Senate TWICE!


sister screen shot2When 11-year-old Adam (played by filmmaker Gerry Orz) is bullied in his new town on his way to school, he begins to video journal his daily experiences. When he finally takes matters into his own hands, everyone around him is affected. His parents, his sister, the bully and his mother… they all pay a price for their actions.

The Equation of Life is a dramatic film by one child who is speaking to all children (and adults) about a subject so important it should be seen by everyone. More than a story about introbullying,

The Equation of Life teaches that every decision we make changes the path on which we travel.

The Equation of Life’s message is so powerful that it will change the way a child, a mother, a father, a friend and a family view life.

32 minutes + 30 minutes of  bonus material


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