The first generation left a legacy that their children could not overcome.

Through dramatic reenactment, The Sin tells the story of Adam and Eve and their children, Cain and Abel.

By disobeying God, the first couple fell from grace and were expelled from paradise. Now, struggling to survive in the harsh wilderness, they hope that their children will restore them and reverse God’s curse.

They soon learn that their disobedience will leave a lasting legacy as Cain and Abel choose what they will believe about God.

This insightful retelling of the stories from Genesis reveals how sin is passed from one generation to another through shame, bitterness, and mistrust in the goodness of God. Even so, the seeds of God’s promised redemption had already been planted.

2017 / 48 minutes on 1 disc / color / 16×9 / Arabic and English w/English subtitles / A Dan Parris film.


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