“Unrelenting.” – The Guardian

“A film of power and astonishment, as serious as it is kinky.” – Los Angeles Times.

“3 1/2 stars – A powerful, disturbing film, teeming with episodes of rampant passion, abuse, and beauty.” – Austin Chronicle

Banned in several countries including Australia and South Korea and now considered a cult classic of erotic cinema.

Adapted from Murakami’s 1988 short story “Topaz” which was the original title of the film.

In the most lavish penthouses, visible only through keyholes, there exists a dangerous and erotic world. High-paid prostitutes who specialize in high-stakes games make the rounds. The richer the client, the wilder the ride. When fantasy gets too rough for one young call-girl, escaping becomes her reality.

“Murakami pulls no punches in presenting the connection between violence and eroticism.” – Asian Movie Pulse

“Topaz, a.k.a. Tokyo Decadence in the west, might appear to have the allure of a soft-core porn movie, but underneath it’s one of the most poignant and intricate films made on the subject of emotional detachment. Ryu Murakami’s film is a slow-burning deconstruction of one individual working in a thriving sex industry during a time of economic distress.” – The Digital Fix

Starring Miho Nikaido, Sayoko Amano and Tenmei Kano, Tokyo Decadence is “a film for adults only who can see past the erotic and appreciate the character study at its core.” – Michael Fishman, Film Critic

Winner: Silver Charybdis, Taormina International Film Festival.

1992 / Foreign Drama / 112 minutes / Japanese w/English Subtitles / A film by Ryu Murakami


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