A day at the lake becomes a series of betrayals among friends and business partners alike in this new German language mystery.

A love triangle is the focus of this calmly told and at the same time exciting film about a complicated relationship among friends. The title of the film already suggests that this ménage-à-trois has enormous destructive and equally explosive power. “Two is a Magic Number” also means that “three is one too many”.

However, the film is more than a relationship drama. It’s about a woman between two men, but also about a chemical formula that promises success and wealth. The interconnection of these story arcs contains a lot of fuel for love, betrayal, resentment and greed.

While the lines of guilt and innocence blur in the murky waters of a day at the lake, Two is a Magic Number is also a film about inclusion and both physical and emotional disabilities… and the challenges faced by those affected.

A simple day at the lake? Maybe not so simple at all! After all, The Mastery of Suspense Lies in the Complication of Relations.

Two is a Magic Number has been playing festivals around the globe and picking up some nice very awards along the way including, but not limited to:

  • Winner: Best Feature Narrative, Festival of Cinema NYC
  • Winner: Best International Feature Film, Vancouver Independent Film Festival
  • Winner: Black Swan International Film Festival
  • Winner: Outstanding Achievement Award, Tagore International Film Festival
  • Winner: Out of the Can International Film Festival
  • Winner: Goldenstake Award, Shockfest

Featuring a wonderful ensemble cast that includes Phillip Dechamps, Sonka Vogt, Tim Borys and Phillip Dechamps, Two is a Magic Number is a perfect example of contemporary independent German filmmaking.

Mystery / 2021 / 84 minutes / German w/English subtitles / A film by Holger Borggrefe and Stefan Hering.


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