Un Pecado Por Mes (One Sin A Month) TI14001Paloma, a lovely young college student and secretary for Belisario Quintana’s auction house met Marcelo, a handsome college student of hard working but poor parents who have been helping him finance his tuition. Marcelo shares a room with his best friend Jorge and they are always on the brink of being evicted due to lack of money. Paloma lives at home with her parents. They both fell in love straight off.

Marcelo, trying to impress the stunning lady, lied and told her that his parents were rich ranchers. Embarrassed by her meager living, she too lied and told Marcelo that she was the daughter of Belisario Quintana who was not only her boss but her family’s landlord too. She only got paid once a month so she could only meet with Marcelo once a month. Each time she went to pay the rent Sylvia, Belisario Quintana’s daughter of the same age gave her one of her old dresses as a gift. So each time Marcelo saw Paloma she was always dressed beautifully.


  • Director: Mario C. Lugones
  • Actors: Tato Bores, Susana Canales, Ricardo de Rosas, Ramon Garay

1949 / 78 minutes on 1 disk

Spanish w/English subtitles



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